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Metabolome Analysis
An Introduction
by Silas G.Villas-Boas

Providing information on the main approaches for the analysis of metabolites, Metabolome Analysis:

  • Covers basic methodologies in sample preparation and separation techniques, as well as the most recent techniques of mass spectrometry
  • Differentiates between primary and secondary metabolites
  • Includes four chapters discussing successful metabolome studies of different organisms
  • Highlights the analytical challenges of studying metabolites
  • Illustrates applications of metabolome analysis through the use of case studies


Part I: Concepts and Methodology

Metabolomics in Functional Genomics and Systems Biology

  • From genomic sequencing to functional genomics
  • Systems biology and metabolic models
  • Metabolomics

The Chemical Challenge of the Metabolome

  • Metabolites and metabolism
  • The structural diversity of metabolites
  • The number of metabolites in a biological system
  • Controlling rates and levels
  • Metabolic channeling or metabolons
  • Metabolites are arranged in networks that are part of a cellular interactome

Sampling and Sample Preparation

  • Quenching—the first step
  • Obtaining metabolites from biological samples
  • Metabolites in the extracellular medium
  • Improving detection via sample concentration

Analytical Tools

  • Choosing a methodology
  • Starting point—samples
  • Principles of chromatography
  • Chromatographic systems
  • Mass spectrometry
  • The analytical work-flow
  • Data evaluation\
  • Beyond the core methods

Data Analysis

  • Organizing the data
  • Scales of measurement
  • Data structures
  • Preprocessing of data
  • Deconvolution of spectroscopic data.
  • Data standardization (normalization)
  • Data transformations
  • Similarities and distances between data
  • Clustering techniques
  • Classification techniques
  • Integrated tools for automation, libraries, and data evaluation

Part II: Case Studies and Reviews

Yeast Metabolomics: The Discovery of New Metabolic Pathways in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

  • Brief description of the methodology used
  • Early discoveries
  • Yeast stress response gives evidence of alternative pathway for glyoxylate biosynthesis in S. cerevisiae
  • Biosynthesis of glyoxylate from glycine in S. cerevisiae

Microbial Metabolomics: Rapid Sampling Techniques to Investigate Intracellular Metabolite Dynamics—An Overview

  • Starting with a simple sampling device proposed by Theobald et al. (1993)
  • An improved device reported by Lange et al. (2001)
  • Sampling tube device by Weuster-Botz (1997)
  • Fully automated device by Schaefer et al. (1999)
  • The stopped-fl ow technique by Buziol et al. (2002)
  • The BioScope: a system for continuous-pulse experiments
  • Conclusions and perspectives

Plant Metabolomics

  • History of plant metabolomics
  • Plants, their metabolism and metabolomics
  • Specifi c challenges in plant metabolomics
  • Applications of metabolomics approaches in plant research

Mass Profi ling of Fungal Extract from Penicillium Species

  • Methodology for screening of fungi by DiMS.
  • Discussion

Metabolomics in Humans and Other Mammals

  • A brief history of mammalian metabolomics
  • Sample preparation for mammalian metabolomics studies
  • Sample analysis
  • Applications


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Metabolome Analysis
An Introduction
by Silas G.Villas-Boas

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