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Metallotherapeutic Drugs & Metal-based Diagnostic Agents
The Use of Metals in Medicine
edited by
Marcel Gielen

Metallotherapeutic Drugs & Metal-based Diagnostic Agents contains information on the medicinal uses of inorganics, that is, of elements such as boron, lithium, selenium, to name a few, as well as metal-containing species.

In keeping with the notion that healthy mammals rely on (bio-essential) metals for the normal functioning of approximately a third of their proteins and enzymes, a large number of drugs are metal-based and considerable effort is being devoted to developing both second- and third-generation drugs as well as generating novel metal-based drugs.

While there is no doubt that there is an emphasis on 'Metallotherapeutics' throughout the volume, the use of metals in medicine is not restricted to metal-based drugs.

The following are also covered:

  • non-invasive radiopharmaceuticals
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • mineral supplements
Metallotherapeutic Drugs & Metal-based Diagnostic Agents will help the reader to gain an appreciation of the very real role metal-based drugs play in modern medicine and of the considerable effort being devoted to the development of novel complexes with greater efficacy as therapeutic and diagnostic agents.


  1. 3Li Lithium Metallotherapeutics
  2. 5B Boron Compounds as Therapeutic Drugs
  3. 12Mg The Role of Magnesium as a Metallotherapeutic Drug
  4. 13Al Aluminum Metallotherapeutics
  5. 14Si Biological Activity of Organosilicon Compounds
  6. 20Ca The Role of Calcium as a Metallotherapeutic Drug
  7. 22Ti Anti-tumor Titanium Drugs
  8. 23V Insulin-Mimetic Vanadium-Containing Compounds
  9. 25Mn Manganese Metallotherapeutics
  10. 26Fe The Use of Iron-Based Drugs in Medicine
  11. 27Co Cobalt Complexes as Potential Pharmaceutical Agents
  12. 29Cu Chemotherapeutic Copper Compounds
  13. 30Zn The Role of Zinc as a Metallotherapeutic Agent
  14. 31Ga Therapeutic Gallium Compounds
  15. 32Ge Biological Activity of Organogermanium Compounds
  16. 33As Metallotherapeutic Arsenic Compounds
  17. 34Se The Use of Selenium-Based Drugs in Medicine
  18. 43Tc Technetium in Medicine
  19. 44Ru Perspectives of Ruthenium Complexes in Cancer Therapy
  20. 45Rh Rhodium in Medicine
  21. 46Pd The Use of Palladium Complexes in Medicine
  22. 50Sn Tin Compounds and Their Therapeutic Potential
  23. 51Sb Antimony in Medicine
  24. 75Re Therapeutic Rhenium Radiopharmaceuticals
  25. 78Pt Platinum-Based Drugs
  26. 79Au Gold-Based Metallotherapeutics: Use and Potential
  27. 83Bi Bismuth-Based Pharmaceuticals
  28. Paramagnetic Metal Complexes as Contrast Agents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging


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Metallotherapeutic Drugs &
Metal-based Diagnostic Agents

The Use of Metals in Medicine
edited by Marcel Gielen and Edward R. T. Tiekink

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