Fresh Produce Safety Handbook from C.H.I.P.S.

Microbial Safety of Fresh Produce
edited by Xuetong Fan

Microbial Safety of Fresh Produce covers all aspects of produce safety including:

  • pathogen ecology
  • agro-management
  • pre-harvest and post-harvest interventions
  • adverse economic impacts of outbreaks

This book examines the current state of the problems associated with fresh produce by reviewing the recent, high-profile outbreaks associated with fresh-produce, including the possible internalization of pathogens by plant tissues, and understanding how human pathogens survive and multiply in water, soils, and fresh fruits and vegetables.


Section I: Microbial Contamination of Fresh Produce

  1. Enteric human pathogens associated with fresh produce: sources, transport and ecology
  2. The origin and spread of human pathogens in fruit production systems
  3. Internalization of Pathogens in Produce

Section II: Pre-harvest Strategies

  1. Produce safety in organic vs conventional crops
  2. The Role of Good Agricultural Practices in Produce Safety
  3. Effective Managing through a Crisis
  4. The Role of Water and Water testing in Produce Safety
  5. Role of manure and compost in produce safety

Section III: Post-harvest Interventions

  1. Aqueous antimicrobial treatments to improve fresh and fresh-cut produce safety
  2. Irradiation enhances quality and microbial safety of fresh and fresh-cut fruits and vegetables
  3. Biological control of human pathogens on produce
  4. Extension of Shelf-life and Control of Human Pathogens in Produce by Antimicrobial Edible Films and Coatings
  5. Improving Microbial Safety of Fresh Produce Using Thermal Treatment
  6. Enhanced Safety and Extended Shelf-life of Fresh Produce for the Military

Section IV: Produce Safety during Processing and Handling

  1. Consumer and Food Service Handling of Fresh Produce
  2. Plant Sanitation and Good Manufacturing Practices for Optimum Food Safety in Fresh-cut Produce
  3. Third party audit programs for the fresh produce industry
  4. Pathogen Detection in Produce using Applications of Immunomagnetic Beads and Biosensors

Section V: Public, Legal, and Economic Perspectives

  1. Public Response to the 2006 Recall of Contaminated Spinach
  2. Produce in public: Spinach, safety and public policy
  3. Contaminated Fresh Produce and Product Liability: A Law-in-Action Perspective
  4. The Economics of Food Safety: The 2006 Foodborne Illness Outbreak Linked to Spinach

Section VI: Research Challenges and Directions

  1. Research Needs and Future Directions


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Microbial Safety of Fresh Produce
edited by Xuetong Fan
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