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Modern Petroleum Technology
6th Edition 2 Volume Set
edited by Alan G. Lucas

Reflecting the many changes in the technology of the oil and gas industry since its last publication in 1984, this new edition of Modern Petroleum Technology is the most authoritative and thoroughly up-to-date review of technical expertise employed across the whole of the international oil and gas industry.

Written by leading international experts from industry and academia, all entries have been updated and many new entries have been added for this 6th edition.

The work consists of two volumes:

  1. Upstream
  2. Downstream

Volume 1: Upstream examines the different stages of the exploration and production processes involved in the location and extraction of raw materials, including the latest applications employed in modern seismic technology and the production of heavy oils.

Volume 2: Downstream covers the process of refining the raw material, and producing and supplying the end product, from refineries to service stations. Both volumes deal with all aspects of their area of petroleum technology, from the innovations in technology to the environmental issues surrounding its practical application.

Modern Petroleum Technology considers the current challenges and opportunities presented by new technology, enabling everyone in the industry, from the busy chief executive to the petroleum engineer, to stay in touch with developments outside their own area of expertise.

This 2 Volume Set is a concise and comprehensive overview that is of special value to analysts, strategists, lecturers and students, oil and gas consultants, and legal and financial service providers.


Volume 1

  1. Introduction
  2. New Technological Developments
  3. Fundamentals of Exploration and Production
  4. Geoscience
  5. Petroleum Geochemistry
  6. Geophysics
  7. Dilling Operations
  8. Petrophysics
  9. Reservoir Engineering
  10. Production Engineering
  11. Natural Gas
  12. Transportation
  13. Heavy Oil and Viscous Oil


Volume 2

  1. Introduction
  2. The Oil Refinery: Types, Structure and Configuration
  3. Crude Oil
  4. Crude Oil Processing
  5. Catalytic Cracking
  6. Hydrocracking: Hydrogen Processing
  7. Thermal Cracking, Visbreaking and Coking
  8. Solvent Deasphalting
  9. Gasification by Non-Catalytic Partial Oxidation of Refinery Residues
  10. Gasoline Processes
  11. Kerosine and Gasoil Manufacture
  12. Base Oil Processes
  13. Bitumen Manufacture
  14. The Petrochemical Interface
  15. Etherification
  16. Refinery Utilities
  17. Control and Optimization
  18. Environmental Protection
  19. An Introduction to Fuels Technology
  20. Gasoline and Related Fuels
  21. Automotive Gas Oil
  22. Distillates and Residual Fuels for Heating and Engines
  23. Aviation Turbine Fuels
  24. Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  25. General Elements of Lubricant Technology
  26. Base Oil Quality
  27. Gasoline Engine Lubricants
  28. Diesel Engine Oils
  29. Industrial Lubricants
  30. Gas Engine Lubricants
  31. White Mineral Oil
  32. Grease
  33. Bitumen
  34. Wax
  35. Marketing Operations: Storage and Distribution
  36. Standards, Specification, Test Methods and Codes of Practice


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Modern Petroleum Technology
6th Edition 2 Volume Set

edited by Alan G. Lucas
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