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Modified-Release Drug Delivery Technology
2-Volume Set
Second edition
edited by
Michael J. Rathbone

This two volume Second Edition of Modified-Release Drug Delivery Technology describes the anatomical, physiological, pharmaceutical, and technological aspects of oral, colonic and rectal, ocular, oral mucosal, dermal and transdermal, nasal, vaginal, and pulmonary delivery routes.

Modified-Release Drug Delivery Technology provides insight and critical assessment of the many available and emerging modified release drug delivery systems for their current and future value.

Modified-Release Drug Delivery Technology is available as a 2-volume set or each volume may be purchased individually.

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Modified-Release Drug Delivery Technology, Second edition, Volume 1

Providing insight and critical assessment of the many available and emerging modified release drug delivery systems for their current and future value, topics include:

  • intellectual property rights and regulatory issues and challenges
  • osmotic systems and Qtrol. Qdis. Matrix Systems
  • thiolated polymers for CR, Oradur. IDD technology, and chronotherapy technology
  • Oral-lyn™ (RapidMist™ Technology)
  • Dentipatch drug delivery system
  • ORAVESCENT™: a novel technology for the transmucosal delivery of drugs
  • Egalet and COLAL technologies...and more!

Contents of Volume 1

Part I: Intellectual Property Rights

  1. Patent and Other Intellectual Property Rights in Drug Delivery
  2. Intellectual Property Developments and Issues in India
  3. Parameter Claims at the European Patent Office
  4. Japan's Patent Issues Relating to Modified Drug Delivery Technology

Part II: Oral Mucosal Technologies

  1. Oral Transmucosal Drug Delivery
  2. Pilocarpine Buccal Insert
  3. OraVescent® Drug Delivery System: A Novel Technology for the Transmucosal Delivery of Drugs
  4. DentiPatch® Development
  5. Medicated Chewing Gum
  6. The Oral PowderJect Device for Mucosal Drug Delivery
  7. The PerioChip™: A Biodegradable Device for the Controlled Delivery of Chlorhexidine in the Subgingival Environment

Part III: Oral Technologies

  1. Modified-Release Delivery Systems for Oral Use
  2. Advances in Cellulose Ether-Based Modified-Release Technologies
  3. SQZgel™
  4. Thiolated Polymers for Controlled Release
  5. Two Concepts, One Technology: Controlled-Release Solid Dispersions Using Melt Extrusion (Meltrex®)
  6. Threeform—Technology for Controlled Release of Amorphous Active Ingredient for Once-Daily Administration
  7. Floating Gastroretentive Capsule for Controlled Drug Delivery
  8. Thin Film Oral Dosage Forms
  9. Dose Sipping Technology—A Novel Dosage Form for the Administration of Drugs
  10. Enhances Gastroretentive Dosage Form with Minimal Food Effects: GIRES™
  11. Advancing Gastrointestinal Permeation Enhancement Formulations into the Flinic: GIPET™
  12. The Micropump® Technology
  13. A Novel Micropattical Technology for Tailored Drug Release in the Gastrointestinal Tract
  14. Lipid Nanoparticles (SLN, NLC, LDC) for the Enhancement of Oral Absorption

Part IV: Colonic Technologies

  1. Colonic Drug Delivery
  2. Biopolymers and Colonic Delivery
  3. Enteric Coating for Colonic Delivery
  4. Programmed Drug Delivery Systems and the Colon
  5. Pulsincap™ and Hydrophilic Sandwich Capsules: Innovative Time-Delayed Oral Drug Delivery Technologies
  6. Targeting the Colon Using COLAL™: A Novel Bacteria-Sensitive Drug Delivery System
  7. Development of the Egalet Technology

Part V: Regulatory Issues and Challenges

  1. Regulatory Aspects in Modified-Release Drug Delivery
  2. Regulatory Issues in the United States Relating to Modified-Release Drug Formulations
  3. Japanes Regulatory Issues on Modified-Release Drug Products
  4. Regulatory Aspects of Delivery Systems in the European Union
  5. Canadian Regulatory Requirements for Drug Approval
  6. Regulating Modified-Release Drug Delivery Technologies in Australia


Modified-Release Drug Delivery Technology, Second edition, Volume 2

Topics for Volume 2 include:

  • modified drug release landscape; academic, regulatory, and intellectual property viewpoints
  • I-vation Sustained Release Intravitreal System
  • ViaNase Intranasal Device and controlled particle dispersion technology Platform
  • Microneedles for drug delivery, PassPort system, dot-matrix technology, ultrasound, iontophoretic and technologies
  • DirectHaler nasal technology
  • intravaginal ring systems, Supravail, Vagisite, C-Vad™ Vaginal Insert, and 'Smart' Vaginal Delivery Systems
  • the AERx® Pulmonary Drug Delivery System
  • AAD-Adaptive aerosol delivery technology
  • nebulizer technologies, microdose propietary, and dry powder inhaler...and much more!

Contents of Volume 2

Part I: Using Modified-Release Formulations to Maintain and Develop Markets

  1. The Modified Drug Release Landscape: The Commercial Perspective
  2. The Modified Drug Release Landscape: Academic Viewpoint
  3. The Modified Drug Release Landscape: Advantages and Issues for Physicians and Patients
  4. The Modified Drug Release Landscape: Drug Delivery Commercialization Strategies

Part II: Ocular Technologies

  1. Ophthalmic Drug Delivery
  2. Intraocular Implants for Controlled Drug Delivery
  3. Bioadhesive Ophthalmic Drug Inserts (BODI) for Veterinary Use
  4. Ion Exchange Resin Technology for Ophthalmic Applications

Part III: Injection and Implant Technologies

  1. Injections and Implants
  2. Long-Acting Protein Formulation—PLAD Technology
  3. Long-Term Controlled Delivery of Therapeutic Agents by the Osmotically Drive DUROS® Implant
  4. The SABER™ Delivery System for Parenteral Administration
  5. Improving the Delivery of Complex formulations Using the DepotOne® Needle
  6. ReGel Depot technology
  7. The Atrigel® Drug Delivery System
  8. Enhancing Drug Delivery by chemical Modification
  9. DepoFoam® Multivesicular Liposomes for the Sustained Release of Macromolecules
  10. ALZAMER® Depot™ Bioerodible Polymer Technology
  11. Pegylated Liposome Delivery of Chemotherapeutic Agents: Rationale and Clinical Benefit

Part IV: Dermal and Transdermal Technologies

  1. Dermal and Transdermal Drug Delivery
  2. ALZA Transdermal Drug Delivery Technologies
  3. Microneedles for Drug Delivery
  4. Transfersome®: Self-Optimizing and Self-Driven Drug-Carrier
  5. Advances in Wound Healing
  6. Ultrasound-Mediated Transdermal Drug Delivery
  7. Lipid Nanoparticles with Solid Matrix for Dermal Delivery: Solid Lipid Nanoparticles and Nanostructured Lipid Carriers
  8. LidoSite®—Vyteris Iontophoretic Technology
  9. Nail Delivery
  10. Immediate Topical Drug Delivery Using Natural Nano-Injectors
  11. DOT Matrix® Technology
  12. The PassPort™ System: A New Transdermal Patch for Water-Soluble Drugs, Proteins, and Carbohydrates

Part V: Nasal Technologies

  1. Nasal Drug Delivery
  2. Controlled Particle Dispersion®: A Twenty-First-Century Nasal Drug Delivery Platform
  3. DirectHaler™ Nasal: Innovative Device and Delivery Method

Part VI: Vaginal Technologies

  1. Intravaginal Drug Delivery Technologies
  2. Vaginal Rings for Controlled-Release Drug Delivery
  3. Phospholipids as Carriers for Vaginal Drug Delivery
  4. SITE RELEASE® Vaginal Bioadhesive System
  5. Clindamycin Vaginal Insert
  6. Bioresponsive Vaginal Delivery Systems

Part VII: Pulmonary Technologies

  1. Pulmonary Delivery of Drugs by Inhalation
  2. AERx® Pulmonary Drug Delivery System
  3. Formulation Challenges of Powders for the Delivery of Small Molecular Weight Molecules as Aerosols
  4. Adaptive Aerosol Delivery (AAD®) Technology
  5. Nebulizer Technologies
  6. Formulation Challenges: Protein Powders for Inhalation
  7. The Respimat®, A New Soft Mist™ Inhaler for Delivering Drugs to the Lungs
  8. Pressurized Metered Dose Inhalation Technology
  9. Dry Powder Inhalation Systems from Nektar Therapeutics
  10. Technosphere®/Insulin: Mimicking Endogenous Insulin Release


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Modified-Release Drug Delivery Technology
2-Volume Set • Second edition
edited by Michael J. Rathbone

2008 • Volume 1 • 499 pages • $198.95 + shipping
2008 • Volume 2 • 696 pages • $198.95 + shipping
2008 • 2-Volume Set • 1,195 pages • $348.95 + shipping
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