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Modern Surface Technology
edited by Friedrich-Wilhelm Bach

Modern Surface Technology provides a broad and fundamental overview of current coating technology.


  • Combines research and industrial perspectives
  • Discusses the potential of the many innovations introduced into industrial application in recent years
  • Allows material scientists and engineers to find the appropriate solution for their own specific coating problems


Selecting Surface-treatment Technologies

  • Requirements on Part Surfaces
  • Selecting Coating and Surface Technologies
  • Processes for Surface Modification and Coating
  • Economic Assessment of Surface-treatment Technologies

Stainless Austenitic Steel – Surface Hardening for Increased Wear Resistance

  • Technologies for Surface Hardening of Austenitic Stainless Steels

Fundamentals of Thin-film Technology

  • Classification of Thin-film Coating Processes
  • General Aspects of Gas-phase Coating Processes
  • Plasma Properties
  • Coating Configuration
  • Electrodeposition and Electroless Plating Processes

Innovations in PVD Technology for High-performance Applications

  • Market Situation

Development and Status Quo of Thermal CVD Hard-material Coating

  • Early CVD Hard-material Coating
  • Fundamentals of Deposition Processes
  • Combination Coatings
  • Material and Coating Properties
  • Performance of Hard-material Coatings – Applications
  • CVD Coating at Lower Temperatures

Hot-filament CVD Diamond Thin Films

  • Differences of Diamond Tools
  • Substrate Pre-treatment
  • Production of CVD Diamond
  • Hot-filament Process
  • Controlling CVD Diamond Properties
  • Industrial Deposition of CVD Diamond
  • Post-treatment of CVD Diamond
  • Applications for Diamond-coated Tools

An Introduction to Electrodeposition and Electroless Plating Processes

  • Fundamentals of Electrodeposition (Considering Nickel Deposition as Example)
  • Overview of System Technologies
  • Overview of Individual Process Steps in Electroplating
  • Microstructuring and Electroforming

Fundamentals of Thermal Spraying, Flame and Arc Spraying

  • Fundamentals of Thermal Spraying
  • Flame Spraying
  • Arc Spraying

Spray Materials

  • Spray Material Properties Determined by Production Issues
  • Material Selection for Coating Applications

High-velocity Oxygen Fuel Flame Spraying

Triplex II – Development of an Economical High-performance Plasma Spray System for Highest-quality Demands even under Challenging Production Conditions

  • Fundamentals of Plasma Spraying
  • Standard Plasma Gun Design
  • Development of the High-performance Three-cathode Plasma Gun Triplex
  • Triplex II – A New Era in Plasma Spraying Technology

System Technology, Gas Supply, and Potential Applications for Cold Gas Spraying

  • System Design

Diagnostics in Thermal Spraying Processes

  • Classification of Diagnostic Methods
  • Methods for Particle Diagnostics
  • Methods for Plasma and Hot Gas Diagnostics
  • Methods for Online Process Control

Sol-gel Coating Processes

  • Sol-gel Coating Formation for SiO2

Hot-dip Coating

  • Mechanisms of Corrosion Protection
  • Phase Diagrams Fe-Zn, Fe-Al, Al-Zn, and Fe-Al-Zn
  • Metal Coatings
  • Systems Technology
  • Quality Control

Build-up Brazed Wear-protection Coatings

  • Brazing and Soldering
  • BrazeCoat Technology

Applications of Coating Processes in Brazing Technology

  • Brazing Filler-metal Application by Thermal Spraying
  • Electroplating and Electroless Plating Methods for Brazing Filler-metal Application
  • Brazing Filler-metal Application by PVD

Surface Protection by Means of Build-up Welding

  • Process Variants
  • Characterisation of Build-up Welded Coatings
  • Build-up Welding Techniques
  • Coating Materials for Build-up Welding

Non-destructive Testing and Assessment of Coatings

  • Coatings
  • Thickness-measurement Techniques
  • Internal Stresses in Coatings
  • Detecting Coating Defects


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    Modern Surface Technology
    edited by Friedrich-Wilhelm Bach
    2006 • 346 pages • $199.00 + shipping
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