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Molecular Imaging in Oncology
by Martin G. Pomper

With molecular imaging becoming one the fastest growing topics in medical schools, Molecular Imaging in Oncology is the first comprehensive reference on molecular imaging in oncology.

Giving clinicians and researchers a greater understanding of the current field, Molecular Imaging in Oncology covers:

  • instrumentation and techniques
  • cancer imaging
  • probe design
  • molecular genetic imaging
  • cellular processes
  • clinical translation
Filled with over 500 high-resolution color images exhibiting diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities of molecular imaging in cancer, Molecular Imaging in Oncology outlines all procedures for the radiologists, radiology physicists, and oncologists in a concise single source guide.



  1. Tumor Biology
  2. Introduction to Molecular Biology
  3. Methods in Molecular Biology
  4. The Analysis of Complex Data Sets: Challenges and Opportunities
  1. Molecular PET Instrumentation and Imaging Techniques
  2. Molecular SPECT Imaging Instrumentation and Techniques
  3. Ultrasound Instrumentation and Techniques
  4. Oncological Applications of MR Spectroscopy
  5. Physiological and Functional Imaging with CT: Techniques and Applications
  6. Multimodality Imaging Instrumentation and Techniques
Probe Design
  1. Targeted Agents for MRI
  2. High-Throughput Screening for Probe Development
  3. Radiopharmaceuticals for SPECT
  4. Radionuclides for Therapy
  5. CEST Contrast Agents
  6. Optical Imaging Probes
  7. Nanoparticle-Based Molecular Imaging in Living Subjects
  8. Long-Lived and Unconventional PET Radionuclides
  9. Design of New Imaging Agents Using Positron-Emitting Radionuclides as the Reporter
  10. Targeted Radiolabeled Receptor-Avid Peptides
  11. Targeted Ultrasound Contrast Agents
Small Animal Imaging
  1. Quantification in Small-Animal PET and SPECT Imaging
  2. In Vivo Imaging Mouse Models of Breast Cancer
  3. Basics of Small Animal Handling for In Vivo Imaging
Molecular-genetic Imaging
  1. Imaging Cellular Networks and Protein-Protein Interactions In Vivo
  2. Novel Reporter Probes for HSV1-tk Gene Expression
  3. Clinical Potential of Gene Expression Imaging
  4. Molecular-Genetic Imaging
Cellular Processes
  1. Imaging Angiogenesis
  2. Imaging Apoptosis
  3. Imaging Cell Trafficking with MR Imaging
  4. General Considerations for Labeling and Imaging of Cells
  5. Molecular Imaging of the Extracellular Matrix and Lymphatic Phenomena in Tumors
  6. Nuclear Imaging of Adoptive Cell Therapies
  7. Optical Techniques for Imaging of Cell Trafficking
Clinical Translation
  1. Radiopharmaceutical Therapy of Cancer
  2. Radioimmunodetection of Cancer: The Next Dimension
  3. Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Cancer Treatment Response Assessment
  4. Molecular Imaging of Breast Cancer
  5. FDG PET/CT Imaging: Clinical Uses and Opportunities
  6. Molecular Imaging in Prostate Cancer
Opportunities from Industry/Government
  1. Anticancer Drug Development with Optical Imaging
  2. Drug Development with Radiopharmaceuticals
  3. NIH Funding Sources for Molecular Imaging in Oncology
  4. Drug Development with Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  5. Industrial-Academic Collaboration
  6. The Future of Molecular Imaging

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Molecular Imaging in Oncology
by Martin G. Pomper
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