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Molecular Mechanisms in Hypertension
by Richard N. Re

Molecular Mechanisms in Hypertension covers the latest advances in the areas of biomedical research that are at the interface of science and clinical medicine, where new discoveries in genetics, molecular and cell biology are finding application in the development of new drugs or the implementation of new kinds of therapy.


Part I: Renin / Angiotnsin /Aldosterone Systems

  1. Biology of AII (Synthesis, Degradation, Measurement, Fragments and A1-7, AIV, ACE2, Inflammation, Coagulation, Angiogenesis)
  2. Actions of AII
  3. Actions of Aldsterone
  4. Biology of Renin/Prorenin/Renin Exon 1A/Direct Renin Action, Renin Synthesis
  5. Circulating RAAS
  6. Tissue RAASs

Part II: Renal Mechanisms in Hypertension

  1. Pressure Naturesis
  2. Intraglomerular Pressure and Nephron Loss
  3. Nephron Number and BP
  4. Renal Prostaglandins/Depressors and BP
  5. Role of Dopamine
  6. Modulator and Non-Modulator Hypertension
  7. TGF and BP
  8. Renal Causes of Secondary Hypertension
  9. ACE Inhibitor Prevention of Hypertension
  10. Other Mechanisms

Part III: Endocrine Hypertension

  1. Adrenocortical Hypertension
  2. Adrenergic Nervous System
  3. Pheochromocytoma
  4. Other Endocrine Causes of Hypertension

Part IV: Non-Ras Peptides

  1. Vasopressin and Neuropeptide Y, Calcitonin GRP, Leptin
  2. Natriuretic Factors
  3. Endothelin
  4. Kinins/ACE Substrates

Part V: Secondary Messengers and the Sequelae of Hypertension

  1. Signal Transduction
  2. Regulation of Blood Flow (incl TGF)
  3. Vascular Distensability, Pulse Pressure, and Vascular Pathology
  4. Myogenic Regulation and BP
  5. Regression of Vascular Hypertrophy
  6. Left Ventricular Hypertrophy Onset/Regression/Remodeling/Fibrosis
  7. Nitric Oxide/Oxidative Stress/Endothelial (Dys)Function
  8. Prostaglandins, Lypoxigenase Products and BP Control
  9. Endogenous Na/K ATPase Inhibitors

Part VI: Genomics, Proteomics and Hypertension

  1. Gene Regulation, Hypertension, Hypertensive Sequelae
  2. Genomic Microarrays and Hypertension
  3. Transgenic and Knock-Out Models of Hypertension
  4. Application of Antisense and Sirna to the Study of Hypertension
  5. Heritable Monogenic Forms of Hypertension (Liddle's etc, Laidlaw's etc)
  6. Genetics of Hypertension
  7. Gene Therapy and Hypertension
  8. Proteomics and Hypertension
  9. The Proteosome and the Development of Hypertensive Sequelae
  10. Apoptosis and the Sequelae of Hypertension
  11. Stem Cells and Cardiovascular Structure

Part VII: Other Issues

  1. Sodium and Potassium in Hypertension]
  2. Divalent Cations/ Hypertension
  3. Birthweight and Hypertension
  4. Baroreflexes


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Molecular Mechanisms in Hypertension
by Richard N. Re
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