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Molecular Mechanisms of Synaptogenesis
edited by Alexander Dityatev

Molecular Mechanisms of Synaptogenesis addresses the rapid evolution of the synaptogenesis field.

Coverage includes:

  • examines several experimental models from neuromuscular junctions of simple organisms
  • cell adhesion molecules
  • transport of synaptic components and the roles of cytoskeletal proteins and signaling molecules in assembly of synapses
  • learning-induced changes in the structure and efficacy of synapses in different brain regions
  • and more!


Experimental models of synaptogenesis

  1. The formation of the vertebrate neuromuscular junction: roles for the extracellular matarix in synaptogenesis
  2. Synapse formation between identified molluscan neurons: a model system approach
  3. Development of the drosophila and c. elegans neuromuscular junctions
  4. Mechanisms that regulate neuronal protein clustering at the synapse

Roles of cell adhesion and secreted molecules in synaptic differentiation

  1. Cadherin-mediated adhesion and signaling during vertebrate central synapse formation
  2. Synaptic functions of the neural cell adhesion molecule
  3. Role of neuroligin binding to neurexins in synaptic organization
  4. SynCam in formation and function of synaptic specializations
  5. Protocadherins and synapse development
  6. Ephrins and eph receptors in spinogenesis and synaptic plasticity
  7. Extracellular matrix molecules and formation of cns synapses
  8. Role of neurotrophins in the formation and maintenance of synapses

Transport of synaptic proteins

  1. Motor-cargo interactions involved in transport of synaptic proteins
  2. Postsynaptic transport packets
  3. Lateral diffusion of excitatory neurotransmitter receptors during synaptogenesis

Synaptic cytoskeleton and morphogenetic signalling

  1. Assembly of presynaptic active zones
  2. Assembly of postsynaptic protein complexes in glutamatergic synapses
  3. Regulation of dendritic spine morphology and synaptic function by scaffolding proteins
  4. Composition and assembly of gabaergic postsynaptic specializations
  5. Role of synaptogenesis in ;morphologic stabilization of developing dendrites
  6. Protein kinases and synaptogenesis
  7. Signaling from synapse to nucleur and back

Synaptic plasticity in learning and memory

  1. Structural synaptic correlates of learning and memory
  2. Intracellular trafficking of ampa-type glutamate receptors
  3. Learning-induced changes in sensory synaptic transmission

Synaptogenesis and brain disorders

  1. Relevance of presynaptic proteins to neuropsychiatric disorders
  2. Synaptic abnormalities and candidate genes in autism
  3. Synaptic pathology in depression
  4. Synaptic pathology in dementia
  5. A fragile synapse: changes at the synapse in fragile x syndrome
  6. Synaptic abnormalities associated with Huntington's Disease
  7. Interference peptides: a novel therapeutic approach targeting synaptic plasticity in drug addiction


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Molecular Mechanisms of Synaptogenesis
edited by Alexander Dityatev
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