Yeast Reference Guide from C.H.I.P.S.

Molecular and Cell Biology of Yeasts
edited by E.F. Walton and G.T. Yarranton

Each chapter in this book covers the scientific basis of the topic and, where possible, its applications to technology.

Molecular and Cell Biology of Yeasts provides and authoritative overveiw of the subject at professional and research level for molecular biologists, cell biologists and biotechnologists in the academic world and in the pharmaceutical and food and drink industries.


  1. Activation and Initiation of Transcription by the Promoters of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

    • Introduction to Gene Regulation
    • Organization and Expression of the Yeast Genome
    • Upstream Promoter Elements
    • Transcriptional Control at Upstream Elements
    • TATA Element
    • Transcription Initiation Site
    • Regulatory Proteins
    • Transcriptional Activation
    • Industrial Application of Yeast Promoters

  2. Negative Regulation of Gene Expression by Mating-Type

    • Mating-Type Regulation
    • Regulation of the PGK Gene Promoter
    • Behaviour of Prokaryotic Repressors in Yeast
    • Mating-Type Switching and Repression at the Silent HML and HMR loci

  3. Messenger RNA Translation and Degradation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

    • Translation
    • mRNA Degradation

  4. Production of Proteins and Peptides from Saccharomyces cerevisiae

    • Expression Vectors
    • Intracellular Expression
    • Secretion

  5. Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) Proteinases: Structure, Characteristics and Function

    • Vacuolar Proteinases
    • Mitochondiral Proteinases
    • Periplasmic Space Proteinases
    • Secreted Proteinases
    • Chromatin-Bound Proteinases
    • Proteinases of Unknown Localization - Soluble Proteinases
    • Membrane-Bound Proteinases
    • Proteolysis and Function
    • Cellular Functions of Known Proteinases
    • Proteolytic Processes Requiring Proteinases

  6. Signal Transduciton by GTP-Binding Proteins in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

    • GTP-Binding Proteins in Yeast
    • Role of Yeast GTP-Binding Proteins in Yeast Signal Transduction

  7. Controlling Elements in the Cell Division Cycle of Schizosaccharomyces pombe

    • Structural Elements in Cell-Cycle Control
    • Genetic Elements in Cell-Cycle Control
    • Mitotic Pathways

  8. Molecular Mechanisms Underlying the Expression and Maintenance of the Type 1 Killer System of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

    • Genomic Structure, Maintenance and Transmission of the Mycovirus
    • Processing and Secretion of Toxin
    • Mutagenesis of Preprotoxin Genes
    • Novel Interactions With the Host
    • Mechanism of Killing
    • Mechanisms of Immunity

  9. Genetic Manipulation of Brewing Yeasts

    • Properties of Brewing Yeast
    • Genetic Techniques
    • Changing the Genetic and Phenotypic Characteristics of Brewing Yeast

  10. Genetic Manipulation of Methylotrophic Yeasts

    • Methanol Metabolism
    • Genetic Analysis
    • Applications of Methylotrophic Yeasts in Biotechnology and the Development of Molecular Genetics

  11. Two-Micron Circle: Model Replicon and Yeast Vector

    • Expression of the 2-μm Circle Genes
    • Plasmid-Specific Intamolecular Recombination System
    • Plasmid Replication
    • Plasmid Copy Number Amplification
    • Plasmid Partitioning System
    • Coordination of Copy Amplification and Partitioning
    • Other Factors Influencing Plasmid Maintenance
    • Two-Micron-Like Plasmids in Other Yeasts
    • Use of the 2-μm Circle as a Yeast Cloning Vector


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Molecular and Cell Biology of Yeasts
edited by E.F. Walton and G.T. Yarranton
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