Monosaccharide Sugars Handbook
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Monosaccharide Sugars
Chemical Synthesis by Chain Elongation, Degradation, and Epimerization
by Zoltán Györgydeák

In a single volume, Monosaccharide Sugars critically summarizes the applied and potentially useful strategies for the synthesis and degradation of monosaccharides by chain-elongation, degradation, and epimerization. These methodologies permit the synthesis of rare or unnatural monosaccharides that are frequently employed as chiral building blocks in natural products synthesis, as well as for producing sugar derivatives labeled with radioactive isotopes.

Representative and well-established experimental procedures are provided to illustrate the potential of the synthetic transformation. Degradation of carbohydrates also represents an invaluable tool for the structural elucidation of certain natural products, such as glycosides, antibiotics, and polysaccharides. When describing the individual methods, unique supplementary collections of the prepared sugar derivatives are shown in tabular form.

This compendium will eliminate tedious literature searches for those engaged in research and teaching on the chemistry and biochemistry of saccharides and other natural products, and also for those working on the medicinal and metabolic investigation of related substances of biological importance.


  • Illustrates the practical potential of well-established experimental procedures in synthetic transformations
  • Provides supplementary collections of prepared sugar derivatives in tabular form
  • Summarizes in a single volume the methods of obtaining carbohydrate-derived compounds


  1. Ascending Synthesis of Monosaccharides

    1. Building up with Total Synthesis
    2. Building up of Sugars with Ascending Synthesis
    3. Chain Extension with Diazoalkanes
    4. Chain Extension with Malonester Derivatives
    5. Chain Extensions with Phosphoranes
    6. Olefination Reactions for the Synthesis of Chain-Extended Monosaccharides
    7. Miscellaneous Methods for Chain Extension of the Monosaccharide Chain

  2. Descending Synthesis of Monosaccharides

    1. The Disulfone-Degradation
    2. Degradation of the Calcium Salts of Aldonic Acids with Hydrogen Peroxide
    3. Descending of Acylated Aldononitriles
    4. Degradation of Saccharides with Oxidative Methods
    5. Degradation of the Peroxide Derivatives of Saccharides
    6. Chain Shortening of Saccharides by Means of Photochemical Methods

  3. Preparation of Sugars with Isomerization

      Epimerization of Saccharides in Alkaline Medium
    1. Epimerization of Sugars with Molybdate Ions
    2. Epimerization of Saccharides with the Amine-Complexes of Transition and Alkali–Earth Metals


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    Monosaccharide Sugars
    Chemical Synthesis by Chain Elongation, Degradation, and Epimerization
    by Zoltán Györgydeák

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