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Mouse Models of Human Cancer
edited by Eric C. Holland

Mouse Models of Human Cancer provides researchers and students with a complete resource on the subject, systematically presenting the principles, methodologies, applications, and challenges associated with this exciting field.

Offering a survey of the latest research and a description of future areas of interest, this text:

  • Presents real experimental data
  • Describes organ site-specific mouse models
  • Clearly identifies suitable models for further drug testing
  • Critically analyzes current methodologies and their limitations
  • Features numerous recognizable expert contributors
  • Lists key Web sites, reagents, and companies

From mouse handling and genetic engineering to preclinical trials, Mouse Models of Human Cancer is a comprehensive guide to using these models and relating them to human disease. Its uniform presentation describes organ-specific models in clinical, imaging, and molecular terms, and lays out the relevant genetics, experimental approaches, histological comparisons with human disease, and conclusions.

Combining stellar chapter authors, rich illustrations, and clear, up-to-date coverage, Mouse Models of Human Cancer is an invaluable resource for advanced students and cutting-edge researchers.


  1. Mouse Handling and Engineering
    1. Approaches to Handling, Breeding, Strain Preservation, Genotyping, and Drug Administration for Mouse Models of Cancer
    2. Pathology of Mouse Models of Cancer
    3. Intercurrent Infections in Genetically Engineered Mice
    4. Germline Modification Strategies
    5. Somatic Cell Gene Transfer

  2. Organ Site-Specific Mouse Models of Human Cancer
    1. Lung Cancer
    2. Mammary Gland Cancer
    3. Prostate Cancer
    4. Skin Cancer
    5. Ovarian Cancer
    6. Peripheral Nervous System Tumors
    7. Central Nervous System Tumors
    8. Myeloid Malignancies
    9. Lymphoid Malignancies

  3. General Issues in Cancer Biology
    1. Genetic Modifiers
    2. Modeling Blood Vessel Formation in the Mouse
    3. Metastasis
    4. Immunologic Study of Tumors in Mouse Models

  4. Imaging Technologies
    1. Micro–Computed Tomography of Mouse Cancer Models
    2. Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Mouse Cancer Models
    3. Bioluminescent Imaging of Mouse Cancer Models

  5. Preclinical Trials
    1. Use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Evaluation of Treatment Response
    2. Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Modeling
    3. Trial Design and Biostatistics
    4. Cancer Drug Development in the Modern Era
    5. Preclinical Trials in Mouse Cancer Models


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Mouse Models of Human Cancer
edited by Eric C. Holland
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