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Magnetic Resonance in Food Science
The Multivariate Challenge
edited by S.B. Engelsen

Magnetic Resonance in Food Science provides an up-to-date, global perspective of the latest developments in the field, including:

  • methods of studying metabolic processes both in vivo and in vitro
  • functional MRI
  • and the sensory perception of food

Content is divided into five sections:

  • sensory science
  • aroma and flavour
  • authenticity and quantification of food
  • functionality, structure and ingredients
  • applications of solid-state methods
  • new NMR methods and instrumentation


Sensory Science, Aroma and Flavor

  • fMRI and the sensory perception of food
  • HR NMR to study quqality changes in marine by-products
  • On the use of low-field NMR methods for the determination of total lipid content in marine products

Authenticity and Quantification of Food

  • Advances in the authentication of food by SNIF-NMR
  • HPLC-SPE-NMR: a productivity tool for determination of natural products in plant material
  • Applications of hyphenated NMR to the study of food
  • Magnetic resonance measurements of structural changes during heating of chicken meat by hot air
  • MRI and NMR spectroscopy study of post-harvest maturing coconut
  • Analysis of blends of raw coffees of arabica and robusta varieties through HNMR and chemometric methods

Functionality, Structure and Ingredients

  • Use of state -of-the-art NMR in beer production and characterization
  • Quantitative measurements by MRI of flow velocity and mixing index in a single-screw extruder
  • ESR and NMR spectroscopy studies on emulsions containing α-lactoglobulin and oxidised methyl linoleate
  • Paramagnetic challenges in NMR measurements of foods
  • Injection flow NMR as a tool for the high throughput screening of oils
  • Warping: investigation of NMR pre-prcessing and correction

Applications of Solid-State Methods

  • Multiexponential diffusion in meat at HIGH b-values by MRI
  • Study of fat and water in Atlantic salmon muscle (salmo salar) by low-field NMR and MRI
  • Slow-MAS NMR methods to study metabolic processes and in vivo
  • Proton relaxation in crystalline and glassy sugars

New NMR Methods and Instrumentation

  • towards on-line NMR sensors
  • Determination of the apparent diffusion coefficient of water in red blood cells by high-field PFG-NMR using various pulse sequences
  • A new principle for unique spectral decomposition of 2D NMR data
  • The effect of porous structure of rice on the hydration rate investigate by MRI
  • Oil content variations in sunflower according to the grain orientation comparatively measured by spin-echo and CWFP sequences
  • Comprehensive phase compositional analysis of lipids in foods by means of time domain NMR
  • Two-dimensional laplace inversion NMR technique applied to the molecular properties of water in dry-salted mozzarella-type cheeses with various salt concentrations


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Magnetic Resonance in Food Science
The Multivariate Challenge
edited by S.B. Engelsen

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