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Mycobacterium bovis Infection in Animals and Humans
Second Edition
by Charles O. Thoen

Mycobacterium bovis Infection in Animals and Humans includes the most current information on mechanisms of virulence of tubercle bacilli and immunologic and biochemical responses of the host involoved in resistance.

Mycobacterium bovis Infection in Animals and Humans includes information on diagnosis and application of the latest molecular techniques in epidemiologic investigations.


  • A completely revised and updated edition
  • Includes information on the status of Mycobacterium bovis infection in animals and humans globally
  • Extensive reference lists to help readers explore the literatrue further


  1. Public Health Significance of M. bovis
  2. Human Tuberculosis Caused by Mycobacterium bovis in Latin America and the Carribean
  3. Pathogenesis of Mycobacterium bovis
  4. Epidemiology of Mycobacterium bovis
  5. Diagnosis Tests for Bovine Tuberculosis
  6. Molecular Techniques: Applications in Epidemiologic Studies
  7. Polymerase Chain Reaction Detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex in Formalin Fixed Tissues
  8. Economics of Bovine Tuberculosis
  9. A Tuberculosis Outbreak in Farmed Deer in Sweden and its Economic Consequences
  10. Benefit and Cost Assessment of the U. S. Bovine Tuberculosis Eradication Program
  11. The Fall and Rise of Bovine Tuberculosis in Great Britain
  12. Economic Significance of Bovine Tuberculosis in Italy and Impact of Mycobacterium bovis Infection in Wild Swine
  13. The Impact of Wildlife Reservoirs on Mycobacterium bovis on Programs for the Eradication of Tuberculosis in Cattle in Ireland
  14. Control and Eradication of Bovine Tuberculosis in Central Europe
  15. Bovine Tuberculosis in Latin American and the Carribean
  16. The Status of Mycobacterium bovis in India
  17. Bovine Tuberculosis in Russia and the Former States of the Soviet Union
  18. Mycobacterium bovis in Africa
  19. Current Challenges and Impacts to the U.S. National Bovine Tuberculosis Eradication Program: Mycobacterium bovis Outbreaks on Alternataive Species and Surveillance Performance
  20. Effect of Bovine Tuberculosis in Wildlife on a National Eradication Program—Canada
  21. The Bovine Tuerculosis Program in South Africa
  22. Bovine Tuberculosis in China
  23. Mycobacterium bovis infections in Cattles in Germany
  24. Tuberculosis in Captive Wild Animals
  25. Tuberculosis in Fur Seals and Sea Lions Caused by Mycobacterium pinnipedii
  26. Tuberculosis in Non-human Primates with an Emphasis on Mycobacterium bovis
  27. DNA Vaccines Against Tuberculosis
  28. Bovine Tuberculosis: Environmental Public Health Preparedness Considerations for the Future


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Mycobacterium bovis Infection in Animals and Humans
Second Edition
by Charles O. Thoen

2006 • 329 pages • $129.95 + shipping
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