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Mycotoxins and Phycotoxins
Advances in Determination, Toxicology and Exposure Management
by Henry Njapau

Mycotoxins and Phycotoxins focuses on occurrence, advances in determination, toxicology and exposure management of these bio-contaminants.

Mycotoxins and Phycotoxins includes:

  • Advances in analytical techniques
  • Screening tools
  • High-sensitivity instrumental methods and their combinations
  • Applied for single and multi-toxin determinations
  • Identification of requisite agronomic factors
  • Pre-harvest forecasting for strategic intervention


Overview of mycotoxins

  • Mycotoxins and mycotoxicoses: A 2004 update

Fungi-substrate interaction (ecology)

  • Fungal ecology and the occurrence of mycotoxins
  • Effect of fungal infection and insect infestation interaction, moisture content, type of earhead and grain on mycotoxin production in field sorghum
  • Relationship between the condition of home-stored peanuts and aflatoxin B1 contamination

Determination of mycotoxins

  • Indirect competitive ELISA for ochratoxin A detection in coffee and molecular identification of ochratoxin A producing Aspergillus strains
  • Simultaneous determination of aflatoxin, ochratoxin A and zearalenone by a new immunoaffinity column
  • Underestimation of fumonisin B1 and ochratoxin A, from complex matrices using immunoaffinity columns
  • Cross-reactivity of six zearalenone antibodies in a hand-held fluorescence polarisation immunoassay
  • Detection of fumonisins in maize (Zea mays L.) by three analytical techniques (HPLC, TLC and ELISA)
  • Analytical characterisation of degradation products of fumonisin B1 by LCMS/ MS
  • Multi-mycotoxin analysis by LC-MS/MS in a single sample extract
  • Determination of masked mycotoxins using HPLC–tandem mass spectrometry

Toxicology of mycotoxins

  • Interaction between fumonisin B1 and pig liver cytochromes P450
  • In vitro and in vivo effects of fumonisin B1 on the intestine: A review
  • In vivo and in vitro effects of fumonisin B1 on cytokine production: implication for the immune response to vaccination
  • The presence of a DNA damaging putative mycotoxin in maize from Santa Catarina, Brazil: An area of high esophageal cancer
  • Degradation of patulin in rats and humans quantified by stable isotope dilution assays: A review
  • Metabolism of mycotoxins in mammalian cells: Advantages of a stable isotopic enrichment strategy

Occurrence of mycotoxins

  • Study of aflatoxin exposure in a Brazilian population using an aflatoxin – albumin biomarker
  • The occurrence of aflatoxin M1 in fresh cow milk retailed in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Exposure to fumonisins through Kenkey – a Ghanaian fermented maize product
  • Analysis of ochratoxin A in serum, urine and food consumed by inhabitants from an area with Balkan endemic nephropathy: A one month follow-up study

Management of mycotoxins

  • Pre-harvest forecasting of deoxynivalenol for regulatory action in wheat grain in Uruguay using readily available weather inputs
  • Identification of agronomic factors that influence the level of deoxynivalenol (DON) in wheat grown in France
  • Potential bio-control of patulin producing Penicillium expansum in postharvest fruits using antagonistic yeasts
  • Methyl jasmonate effect on aflatoxin B1 production by olives inoculated with A. parasiticus is concentration-dependent
  • Prevention of mould growth on black olives by heat treatment
  • Influence of winemaking on ochratoxin A content in red wines
  • A novel approach to deactivate ochratoxin A


  • Toxicology of yessotoxins and other DSP-related toxins
  • Brevetoxin metabolism in shellfish associated with neurotoxic shellfish poisoning
  • Electro-separation methods for the analysis of phycotoxins
  • Monitoring microcystin and physicochemical parameters: Role of agricultural–aquaculture activity in the water quality
  • Multiresidue LS-MS analysis of ASP and DSP toxins in shellfish: Validation and laboratory QA/QC data


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Mycotoxins and Phycotoxins
Advances in Determination, Toxicology and Exposure Management
edited by Henry Njapau

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