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Neutron Radiography
Proceedings of the Eighth World Conference
edited by Muhammed Arif

Neutron Radiography contains 72 original and highly refereed chapters covering key advances in neutron radiography, with a focus on the analysis of materials and high-value products.

  • Neutron radiography for materials research and analysis
  • Applications to engineered materials, minerals and biological materials
  • Analyses for aeronautic, automotive and advanced energy components
  • All chapters fully searchable on CD-ROM included with book
Neutron Radiography shows how neutron radiography is an efficient tool for materials research and NDT testing, especially with regard to microstructure, and to the analysis of natural material elements in situ.


Facilities and Instrumentation

  • Neutron Radiography at NUR Reactor: Status and Prospects
  • Time-of-Flight Spectrum Measurements at the Neutron Imaging Facility CONRAD at the Hahn-Meitner Institute
  • Comparison Radiography and Tomography Possibilities of FRM-II (20 MW) and Budapest (10 MW) Research Reactor
  • Multifunctional Tomography Instrument with Cold Neutrons at HMI
  • Recent Developments in Neutron Imaging at ILL
  • Testing a Compact Tomography Setup at Aerotest Radiography and Research Reactor, San Ramon, California
  • Neutron Radiography and Tomography Facilities at NIST to Analyze In-Situ PEM Fuel Cell Performance
  • The New Multi-Filter at ANTARES—TOF Measurements and First Applications
  • In-Pool Neutron Radiography for the Jules Horowitz Reactor: A Key Non Destructive Equipment Project Within a Modern Experimental Process
  • The HFR HB8 Neutron Radiography Facility
  • Experimental Study on Neutron Radiography with Accelerator Based Neutron Source Using D-BE Reaction
Methods and Technology

  • Cold Neutron Radiography by CCD Camera at Malaysia Nuclear Agency's TRIGA MARK II Malaysia Research Reactor: First Attempt
  • Neutron Tomography for Feeder Bend Wall Thickness Analysis
  • Thermo-Luminescence Imaging by Using a Two-Dimensional Photon Counter
  • Development of Neutron Phase Contrast Imaging at the NC State University PULSTAR Reactor
  • Error Analysis of Water Quantification Using Neutron Imaging
  • A Preliminary Study of Iterative Reconstruction Algorithms for Neutron Tomography
  • Statistical Learning Methods for Neutron Transmission Tomography of Fuel Cells
  • Coded Source Imaging for Neutrons
  • Neutron Coded Source Imaging
  • 3D Image Reconstruction, Processing and Analysing in Neutron Tomography
  • Neutron and X-Ray Radiography Images Combining and Analyzing
  • Radiography and Tomography Using Fission Neutrons
  • Correction Software Tool for Neutron Tomography
  • Energy-Selective Neutron Radiography at the Pulsed Spallation Source ISIS
  • Qualitative Neutron Phase Contrast Tomography at FRM-II
  • Continuous Neutron Radioscopy with 1000 FPS and 10 Microsecond Time Resolution
  • MCNPX Simulations on Fast Neutron Interrogation Systems for Detection of Explosive Materials

  • Investigation of Calcareous Arenites from St. Stephan's Cathedral, Vienna
  • Study on Water Uptake Behaviour of Jute Reinforced Polymer Composites Using NEUTRA Facility at SINQ
  • POD Assessment of the RMC Neutron Radiology System for Water Detection in CF188 Hornet Flight Control Surfaces
  • Trials of Neutron CT and Its PGAA Assurance Procedure for Archeological Objects
  • Study of the Inner Structure of a Damaged Control Rod by Neutron and X-Ray Radiography and Discrete Tomography
  • Study of Defects in Helicopter Rotor Blade Reference Objects by Neutron-, and X-Ray Radiography, Vibration Diagnostics and Ultrasound Testing
  • Void Distribution Around a Distributor Nozzle of Fluidized Bed
  • Study of the Museum Object by Neutron-, Gamma, X-Ray Radiography and Neutron Diffraction
  • Application of Dynamic Neutron Radiography to Measure the Liquid-Metal Velocity Field in a Narrow Channel
  • Voltage Instability in a Simulated Fuel Cell Stack Correlated to Water Accumulation Measured Via Neutron Radiography
  • Visualization of Cavitation Phenomena at a Nozzle Hole and a Seat in a Fuel Injection Nozzle by Neutron Radiography
  • Visualization of Water Flow in Tomato Seedlings Using Neutron Imaging
  • Pulsed Neutron Spectroscopic Imaging for Investigating Microstructure of Material
  • Neutron Imaging for Soil Physics and Geology
  • Void Fraction Characteristic of Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow in Mini-Channels
  • Visualization and Measurement of Dynamic Water Behavior in PEFC by Neutron Radiography
  • Investigation of an Early Medieval Sword by Neutron Tomography
  • The Use of Neutron Tomography for the Structural Analysis of Corn Kernels
  • Visualization of Water-Steam Two-Phase Bubble Evaporating in a Liquid-Metal Pool
  • Research for Water Removal at PEMFC by Using Neutron Imaging Technique at The Investigation of Water Discharge Characteristics at PEMFC by Using Neutron Imaging Technique at CONRAD, HMI
  • Application of Neutron Radiography to Developments of Hydrogen Storage Alloys
  • Using Neutrons to Fight Forest Fires!!
  • Neutron Tomography for Understanding the Evolution of Life
  • Hidden Structure of Fossils Revealed by Neutron and X-Ray Tomography
  • Detection of Microstructure Alteration in Steel and AL Parts Using Neutron Radiography and Computed Tomography
  • Tomographic Imaging of an Operating Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell
  • Exploring Liquid Water Distribution and Local Heating Effects in an Operating Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell
  • Observation of the Filling Level of the FRM II Cold Source by Pinhole Neutron Radiography
  • Evaluation of Gravity Driven Gas Diffusion Cooling Systems
  • Visualization and Measurement of Hygroscopic Water Distribution in a Unit Cell of Silica-Gel Adsorber by Neutron Radiography
  • Visualization of a Self-Vibration Heat Pipe by Neutron Radiography
  • Preliminary Experiment of the Techniques for Ginseng Root Growth Analysis by Using a Neutron Tomography
Detectors and Sensors
  • A High Spatial Resolution Neutron Imaging System Using the Micro-Channel Plate Detector
  • Using Scintillation Screens as Converter in Neutron Radiography
  • Comparative Study on Neutron Sensitivity and Noise Characteristics of Neutron Images Obtained by Cooled CCD Systems
  • Performance of a 1 Meter Boron Coated Straw Detector for High Rate Neutron Imaging
  • Nuclear-Track Radiography Program at HANARO
  • Detector for Neutron and Gamma Radiography Based on CCD Cameras
  • Gamma Insensitive Highly Borated Microchannel Plates for Neutron Imaging
  • Development of High Frame-Rate Neutron Radiography System with High-Brightness Scintillators and a High-Speed Digital Video Camera
  • Optimization of Neutron Sensitive Imaging Scintillators
  • Neutron Color Image Intensifier
  • High Resolution Position Sensitive Neutron Detector (HRPSND)

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Neutron Radiography
Proceedings of the Eighth World Conference
edited by Muhammed Arif

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