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New and Classical Wines of Spain
by Jeremy Watson

Spanish wines are recognized as being among the best in the world. This fact is a direct result of the combination of the tradition and experience behind a wine revolution without precedent in Europe.

The New and Classical Wines of Spainis an exhaustive exdamination of Spain's wine industry, backed by 74 specially commissioned maps, and 500 mostly original photographs and illustrations depicting vineyards and Bodegas throughout the country.

This mammoth book is destined to become the classic on Spanish Wines, a definite book for the professional in the wine industry.

The book is arranged in two parts. The first is devoted to the background and the principal viticulture and vinification factors that have influenced the transformation, also helping to explain the new styles of traditional and modern wines. The second part covers all of the country's wine regions including over 60 Denominations of Origin and profiles on more that 350 Bodegas with over 750 wines, which were selected based on the author's judgement and backed by several tasting competitions and wine guides.


  1. History: The Baggage of Invaders
    • Winemaking Revolution of Spain
    • Old World Versus New World

  2. Climate and Geography: The Peninsula of the 4 Winds
    • Geography and Climate
    • Atlantic
    • Continental
    • Mediterranean
    • The Vine and the Climate
    • Mountains and Mesetas
    • Soils
    • Wine Rivers

  3. Regulation: The Curse of the Winemaker
    • European Wine Regime
    • Quality Wines - Denomination of Origin
    • Calificada
    • Regulating Councils
    • Table Wines
    • Vinos de la Tierra
    • Quality Wines in Spain
    • Regulation Debate
    • Quality Control
    • The Consumers' Guarantee
    • Labeling
    • Ingredient Listing
    • Back Labels
    • Fraud

  4. Structure of an Evolving Wine Industry: Configuration of a Wine Industry
    • Winemaker
    • Vineyard Area and Production
    • The Potential
    • Popularity of Quality Wines
    • Vineyard Ownership
    • Co-operative System
    • Bodegas/Wineries
    • Pagos

  5. Vines and Vine Varieties: An Enduring Polemic
    • Synonym or Distinctive Name
    • The Varietal Debate
    • Ampelography
    • Clones
    • Genetic Engineering
    • Most Important Vine Varieties

  6. A Profusion of Different Wines: Pitarra to PX
    • Wine
    • Must
    • Alcohol in Wine
    • Sweetness in Wine
    • Old Style/New Style
    • Classical Wines
    • High Expression Wines
    • Wine Categories
    • Consumption and Distribution
    • Making Wines
    • White, Red, Rosado, Doble Pasta, Sparkling Wines, Semi Sparkling Wines, Fortified Wines, Rancios, Fondillon, Ecological Wines, Communion and Kosher Wines
    • Distillation
    • Orujo

  7. Winemaking Part I: The Vineyard - Key to Making Good Wine
    • Site
    • Soil
    • Planting Density
    • Terroir
    • Vine Variety and Rootstock Selection
    • Phylloxera
    • Training and Canopy Management
    • Irrigation
    • Old Vines
    • Vine Diseases
    • Spring Frosts
    • Yields
    • Vegetative Cycle
    • Harvest

  8. Winemaking Part II: The Journey from Grape to Bottle
    • Stainless Steel
    • Oxidization
    • Cleanliness
    • Grapes to Wine
    • Fermentation
    • Must Rotation
    • Barrel Fermentation
    • Production Processes
    • White/Rosada and Red
    • Oak Types
    • Prices
    • Aging Laws
    • Racking
    • Bottle Aging
    • Stabilization
    • Bottling
    • Quality Control
    • Cork
    • Synthetic Closures
    • Capsules

  9. The Selection Criteria: and Related Matters
    • D.O. Data Explained
    • Criteria for Bodega Selection
    • Wine Competitions
    • Magazines and Guides
    • Typicity
    • Tasting Wines
    • Aromas and Flavors
    • Top 20 Reds and Favorite Whites

  10. The Wine Regions
    • Cataluña
    • The Communities of Valencia and Murcia
    • Andalucía
    • Extremadura, Castilla-La Mancha, Madrid
    • Castilla y León
    • Green Spain - Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and Basque Country
    • Rioja
    • Navarra
    • Aragón
    • The Islands
    • Cava


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New and Classical Wines of Spain
by Jeremy Watson
440 pages • 500 color photos • 74 specially designed maps
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