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New Quantitative Approach to Powder Technology
edited by Yoshimoto Wanibe

This book brings the reader up to date with the latest developments in the formulation, characterization and application of powdered materials. It contains a general mathematical background and a step by step guide through the equations necessary for thorough comprehension and quantitative appraisal of different materials and heterogeneous structures and a diverse range of materials from metal alloys through to polymers.

New Quantitative Approach to Powder Technology is intended for final year undergraduate and post graduate students of materials science and engineering and those researchers and industrialists working with powder processing techniques.


  • Essence of Quantitative Approach
  • Characterization of Powder and Processing
  • Particle Sizes
  • Particle Shapes
  • Distribution of Particle Sizes and Shapes
  • Least Square Method
  • Applied Science and Engineering
  • Packing of Powder
  • Powders and Short Fibers
  • Fabrication of Powder
  • Thermodynamics
  • Sintering
  • Fluidity of Powder
  • Stereology


  1. Introduction
    • Characterization Powder Processing

  2. Particle Sizes
    • Diameters
    • Cauchy's Theorems

  3. Particle Shapes
    • Shape Factor
    • Shape Index

  4. Mean Diameters
    • Mean Diameters Based on Number (population) and Mass
    • Representative Mean Particle Diameters

  5. Distribution of Particle Sizes
    • Probability Distribution and Density of Random Variables
    • Normal (Gaussian) Distribution
    • Particle Size Distributions Based on Number and Mass
    • Log-Normal Distribution of Particle Sizes
    • Rosin-Rammler Distribution

  6. Multivariate Statistics
    • Introduction of Multivariate Statistics
    • Bivariate Normal Probability

  7. Particle Size-Shape Dispersion Diagrams
    • Selection of Parametric Variables for Shape Distribution
    • Particle Size-Shape Dispersion Diagram
    • Conversion of Density Functions Based on Number and Mass

  8. Least Squares Method
    • Estimation of Unknown Quantities from Indirect Measurement
    • The Case of Linear Relationship Between Unknow Quantities
    • Solution of Normal Equations
    • The Case of Non-Linear Relationships Between Unknow Quantities

  9. Stereology
    • Stereological Determination of Size Distribution
    • Application for Powder Metallurgy

  10. Fluidity of Powders
    • Effect of Particle Characteristics on Fluidity of Powders

  11. Packing of Powder
    • Systematic (Theoretical) Arrangement of Identical Spheres
    • Random or Mechanical Packing of Indentical Spheres
    • Distribution of Spheres for Closest Density at Regular Packing
    • Simulation of Random Packing of Spheres Distributed in Sizes

  12. Apparent Density of Randomly Packed Powder
    • Statistical Evaluation Based on Powder Characteristics
    • Phenomenological Considerations
    • Application of Simulation Based on Spheres

  13. Mixtures of Powders and Short Fibers
    • Morphological Characterization of Short Fibers
    • Apparent Density of Randomly Packed Mixtures

  14. Dimension Analysis
    • Elemental Principles

  15. Fabrication of Powder
    • Dimension Analysis
    • Dynamic Approach

  16. Thermodynamics
    • Review of Fundamentals
    • Thermodynamics of Curved Interfaces

  17. Sintering
    • Mechanisms of Sintering
    • Geometry of the Neck
    • Mass Flux
    • Remarks on the Analytical Approach
    • Anisotropic Deformation During Sintering

  18. Porous Properties
    • Porosity
    • Adsorption

  19. Testing of Products
    • Dimensional Analysis of Mass Transfer Around a Rotating Body
    • Mass Transfer from a Rotating Body

  20. Applied Science and Engineering
    • Merits of Powder Metallurgy
    • Demerits of Powder Metallurgy

Subject Index

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New Quantitative Approach to Powder Technology
by Yoshimoto Wanibe and Takashi Itoh
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