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Node List Tolerance Analysis
Enhancing SPICE Capabilities with MATHCAD
by Robert R. Boyd

Node List Tolerance Analysis presents software methods that overcome the many limitations of SPICE WCA using less expensive tools.


  • Provides original circuit analysis methods that overcome SPICE WCA limitations using less expensive software
  • Offers concurrent DC, AC, and transient analysis solutions using state space methods
  • Includes multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) solutions for both AC and DC circuits
  • Demonstrates Mathcad's built-in differential equation solver applied to transient analysis
  • Includes a CD-ROM containing Mathcad files for performing the techniques outlined in the book


Nominal Analysis

  • Introduction to Node List Circuit Analysis
  • Passive Circuits
  • Introduction to Node List Circuit Analysis
  • All-Capacitive Circuit
  • All-Inductive Circuit
  • Twin-T RC Network
  • Broadband Pulse Transformer Model
  • All-Capacitive Loops (ACL)
  • All-Inductive Cutsets (ICS)
  • All-Capacitive Loop Example
  • Controlled Sources
  • Controlled (Dependent) Sources
  • Floating VCVS
  • Circuits with M > 1
  • First-Order MOSFET Model
  • VCVS and CCCS Example
  • Two Inputs, Three Outputs
  • Third-Order Opamp Model
  • A Subcircuit Scheme
  • Subcircuit Opamp Model
  • Fifth-Order Active Filter
  • State Variable Filter
  • Seventh-Order Elliptical Low-Pass Filter
  • Square Root of Frequency (+10dB/decade) Circuit
  • HV (200V) Shunt MOSFET Regulator
  • LTC 1562 Band-Pass Filter IC in a Quad IC
  • LTC 1562 Quad Band-Pass Filter IC
  • BJT Constant Current Source-A Simple Linear Model Using the NDS Method
  • uA733 Video Amplifier
  • Leverrier's Algorithm
  • Numerical Transfer Function [1]
  • Transfer Function Using Leverrier's Algorithm for Twin-T RC Network
  • Stability Analysis
  • Unity Gain Differential Amplifiers
  • Stability of LM158 Opamp Model
  • High-Voltage Shunt Regulator-Stability Analysis
  • Transient Analysis
  • Switched Transient Analysis
  • N = 2 Switched Circuit Transient Response
  • Comparator 100-Hz Oscillator
  • Transient Analysis of Pulse Transformer
  • Passive RCL Circuit Transient Analysis
  • Mathcad's Differential Equation Solvers
  • A Mathematical Pulse Width Modulator (PWM)
  • Switching Power Supply Output Stage-Buck Regulator
  • State Space Averaging
  • Simple Triangular Waveform Generator
  • Quadrature Oscillator
  • Wein Bridge Oscillator
  • DC Circuit Analysis
  • Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) Circuit
  • An Undergraduate EE Textbook Problem
  • DC Test Circuit
  • Stacking VCVS's and Paralleling VCCS's
  • DC Voltage Sweep (RTD Circuit)
  • RTD Circuit-Step Resistor Value
  • Floating 5-V Input Source
  • Three-Phase Circuits
  • Convert ? Floating Voltage Inputs to Single-Ended Y Inputs
  • Three-Phase NDS Solution
  • Three-Phase Y-Unbalanced Load
  • Three-Phase Y-Connected Unbalanced Load-Floating Delta Input
  • Balanced Y-Load

Tolerance Analysis

    Some Facts about Tolerance Analysis

  • DC Circuits
  • Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) Circuit
  • A Note on Asymmetric Tolerances
  • Centered Difference Approximation-Sensitivities
  • RTD Circuit Monte Carlo Analysis (MCA)
  • RTD MCA with R4 Tolerance = 10%
  • RTD Circuit Fast Monte Carlo Analysis (FMCA)
  • A Case of FMCA Greater than EVA
  • Tolerancing Inputs
  • Beta Distributions
  • RTD MCA-Beta (Skewed) Distribution
  • MCA of RTD Circuit using Bimodal (Gapped) Distribution Inputs
  • AC Circuits
  • Circuit Output vs. Component Value
  • Exact Values of C1 Sensitivity
  • Multiple-Output EVA
  • Butterworth Low-Pass Filter Circuit
  • Butterworth Low-Pass Filter MCA
  • Butterworth Low-Pass Filter EVA
  • Butterworth Low-Pass Filter FMCA
  • Multiple-Feedback Band-Pass Filter (BPF) Circuit
  • Multiple-Feedback BPF MCA
  • Multiple-Feedback BPF EVA
  • Multiple-Feedback BPF FMCA
  • Switching Power Supply Compensation Circuit
  • Switching Power Supply Compensation MCA
  • Switching Power Supply Compensation EVA
  • Switching Power Supply Compensation FMCA
  • Sallen and Key Band-Pass Filter (BPF) Circuit
  • Sallen and Key BPF MCA
  • Sallen and Key BPF EVA
  • Sallen and Key BPF FMCA
  • State Variable Filter Circuit
  • State Variable Filter MCA
  • State Variable Filter EVA
  • State Variable Filter FMCA and MCA Combined
  • High-Q Hum Notch Filter Circuit
  • High-Q Hum Notch Filter MCA
  • High-Q Hum Notch Filter EVA
  • High-Q Hum Notch Filter FMCA
  • LTC 1562 MCA
  • LTC 1562 EVA
  • Transient Tolerance Analysis
  • Transient MCA-Twin-T RC Network
  • Transient MCA-Multiple Feedback BPF
  • AC and Transient MCA-Bessel HPF
  • Transient MCA-State Variable Filter
  • Three-Phase Circuits
  • Three-Phase Y-Connected Unbalanced Load MCA
  • Three-Phase Y-Connected Unbalanced Load EVA
  • Three-Phase Y-Connected Unbalanced Load FMCA
  • Miscellaneous Topics
  • Components Nominally Zero
  • Tolerance Analysis of Opamp Offsets
  • Best-Fit Resistor Ratios
  • Truncated Gaussian Distribution
  • LTC1060 Switched Capacitor Filter


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Node List Tolerance Analysis
Enhancing SPICE Capabilities with MATHCAD
by Robert R. Boyd

2006 352 pages $108.95 + shipping
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