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Noise of Polyphase Electric Motors
by Jacek F. Gieras

Noise of Polyphase Electric Motors gathers the fundamental concepts along with all of the analytical, numerical, and statistical methods into a unified reference.


  • Provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive treatment of issues related to noise and vibration in electric motors
  • Covers analytical, numerical, and statistical methods for noise prediction and analysis, providing concrete examples for each
  • Examines vibration and sound radiation of cylindrical shells and the valid conditions of analytical equations
  • Presents the fundamental equations for electromagnetic, structural, and acoustic computation of noise and vibration
  • Explores SEA principles and applications to electric motors in detail


Generation and Radiation of Noise Electrical Machines

  • Vibration, Sound, and Noise
  • Sound Waves
  • Sources of Noise in Electrical Machines
  • Energy Conversion Process
  • Noise Limits and Measurement Procedures for Electrical Machines
  • Deterministic and Statistical Methods of Noise Prediction
  • Economical Aspects
  • Accuracy of Noise Prediction

Magnetic Fields and Radial Forces in Polyphase Motors Fed with Sinusoidal Currents

  • Construction of Induction Motors
  • Construction of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Brushless Motors
  • A.C. Stator Windings
  • Stator Winding MMF
  • Rotor Magnetic Field
  • Calculation of Air Gap Magnetic Field
  • Radial Forces
  • Other Sources of Electromagnetic Vibration and Noise

Inverter-Fed Motors

  • Generation of Higher Time Harmonics
  • Analysis of Radial Forces for Nonsinusoidal Currents
  • Higher Time Harmonic Torques in Induction Machines
  • Higher Time Harmonic Torques in Permanent Magnet (PM) Brushless Machines
  • Influence of the Switching Frequency of an Inverter
  • Noise Reduction of Inverter-Fed Motors

Torque Pulsations

  • Analytical Methods of Instantaneous Torque Calculation
  • Numerical Methods of Instantaneous Torque Calculation
  • Electromagnetic Torque Components
  • Sources of Torque Pulsations
  • Higher Harmonic Torques of Induction Motors
  • Cogging Torque in Permanent Magnet (PM) Brushless Motors
  • Torque Ripple Due to Distortion of EMF and Current Waveforms in Permanent Magnet (PM) Brushless Motors
  • Tangential Forces vs. Radial Forces
  • Minimization of Torque Ripple in PM Brushless Motors

Stator System Vibration Analysis

  • Forced Vibration
  • Simplified Calculation of Natural Frequencies of the Stator System
  • Improved Analytical Method of Calculation of Natural Frequencies
  • Numerical Verification

Acoustic Calculations

  • Sound Radiation Efficiency
  • Plane Radiator
  • Infinitely Long Cylindrical Radiator
  • Finite Length Cylindrical Radiator
  • Calculations of Sound Power Level

Noise and Vibration of Mechanical and Aerodynamic Origin

  • Mechanical Noise Due to Shaft and Rotor Irregularities
  • Bearing Noise
  • Noise Due to Toothed Gear Trains
  • Aerodynamic Noise
  • Mechanical Noise Generated by the Load

Acoustic and Vibration Instrumentation

  • Measuring System and Transducers
  • Measurement of Sound Pressure
  • Acoustic Measurement Procedure
  • Vibration Measurements
  • Frequency Analyzers
  • Sound Power and Sound Pressure
  • Indirect Methods of Sound Power Measurement
  • Direct Method of Sound Power Measurement: Sound Intensity Technique
  • Standard for Testing Acoustic Performance of Rotating Electrical Machines

Numerical Analysis

  • FEM Model for Radial Magnetic Pressure
  • FEM for Structural Modeling
  • BEM for Acoustic Radiation

Statistical Energy Analysis

  • Power Flow Between Linearly Coupled Oscillators
  • Coupled Multimodal Systems
  • Experimental SEA
  • Application to Electrical Motors

Noise Control

  • Mounting
  • Standard Methods of Noise Reduction
  • Active Noise and Vibration Control


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Noise of Polyphase Electric Motors
by Jacek F. Gieras
2005 • 392 pages • $172.95 + shipping
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