Nutrient-Alcohol Interactions Guide from C.H.I.P.S.

Nutrition and Alcohol
Linking Nutrient Interactions and Dietary Intake
by Ronald Ross Watson

Nutrition and Alcohol provides detailed knowledge of the effects of alcohol on biochemical reactions and nutritional changes.

Nutrition and Alcohol: Linking Nutrient Interactions and Dietary Intake covers the latest data available on the effects of alcohol on the nutritional state of alcohol abusers. It illustrates the combined effects of malnutrition on tissue damage and examines the role of altered nutrition in various alcohol-related diseases.

Additionally, the book discusses alcohol's effects on the absorption of nutrients and minerals and explain the role of nutritional supplementation and diet in the therapy of alcohol abusers.


  • Discusses alcohol's effects on dietary intake and tissue nutrient levels
  • Examines the role of altered nutrition on various alcohol-related diseases
  • Explains the action of nutrients in preventing and treating alcohol-related diseases


Overview of Nutrition and Alcohol

  1. Alcohol and Nutrition: An Integrated Perspective
  2. Anti-oxidant and Pro-oxidant Effects of Alcoholic Beverages: Relevance to Cardiovascular Disease

Alcohol and Liver Disease

  1. Nutritional Factors in the Pathogenesis of Alcoholic Liver Disease: An Update
  2. Ethanol and Methyl Transfer: Its Role in Liver Disease and Hepatocarcinogenesis
  3. Alcohol and Nutrition as Risk Factors for Chronic Liver Disease

Alcohol and Heart Disease

  1. Alcohol and Cardiovascular Disease
  2. Alcohol, Inflammation, and Coronary Heart Disease
  3. Deleterious Effects of Alcohol Intoxication on the Heart: Arrhythmias to Cardiomyopathies

Alcohol: Metabolism and Metabolites

  1. Alcohol, Nutrition, and Recovery of Brain Function
  2. Nutritional Modulation of the Expression of Alcohol and Aldehyde Dehydrogenases and Alcohol Metabolism
  3. Genetic Aspects of Alcohol Metabolism
  4. Measuring Energy Intake in Alcohol Drinkers
  5. The Effect of Diet on Protein Modification by Ethanol Metabolites in Tissues Damaged in Chronic Alcohol Abuse
  6. Dietary Arachidonnic Acid and Alcohol
  7. Protein Metabolism in Alcohol Misuse and Toxicity

Alcohol and Nutrients

  1. Soy Products: Affection, Alcohol Absorption, and Metabolism
  2. Alcohol and Retinoid Interaction
  3. Plasma Lipids, Lipoproteins, and Alcohol
  4. Alcohol-Induced Membrane Lipid Peroxidation
  5. Alcohol, Overweight, and Obesity
  6. Alcohol Use During Lactation: Effects on the Mother and the Breastfeeding Infant
  7. Alcohol, Acetaldehyde, and Digestive Tract Cancer
  8. Minerals/Electrolytes Related Diseases Induced by Alcohol


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Nutrition and Alcohol
Linking Nutrient Interactions and Dietary Intake
by Ronald Ross Watson

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