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Nutrition and Feeding of the Broodmare

Nutrition and Feeding of the Broodmare addresses the improvement of knowledge of the biology of pregnancy and lactation on the one hand and of the nutrition and the interaction between the other hand is of major concern to the equine industry.


Part A – Pregnancy

  • Energy and protein requirements and recommended allowances in pregnant mares
  • Apparent digestibility of two diets in the Amiata breed of donkey in late pregnancy

Part B – Lactation

  • Physiology of lactation in the mare
  • Milk yield of nursing and dairy mares
  • Mare milk composition: recent findings about protein fractions and mineral content
  • Fat content and composition of mare’s milk
  • Energy and protein requirements and recommended allowances in lactating mares
  • Asses: milk yield and composition
  • Other utilisation of mare’s and ass’s milk
  • The lactation curve in Lusitano mares - a preliminary study
  • A novel restrictive grazing approach to enhance leptin sensitivity in obese pony mares
  • A weigh-suckle-weigh approach for estimating milk yield in the Arabian mare
  • Different fibre sources in dairy ass’s diet: effects on body condition and plasma leptin level
  • Nutritional status of lactating asses fed two different dietary fibre sources
  • Values on serum metabolites in lactating jennies of Martina Franca breed
  • Different fibre sources in dairy ass’s diet. I. Effects on milk fatty acid composition
  • Different fibre sources in dairy ass’s diet. II. Effects on plasma fatty acid profile
  • Ass’ s milk nitrogen distribution: effects of different dietary fibre source
  • Machine milking of dairy asses as related to milk production and body condition
  • Behaviour and milk yield of Murgese mares subjected to machine or hand milking

Part C – The foal

  • Physiology and metabolism in the newborn foal with reference to orphaned or sick foals
  • Equine colostrum production and utilisation: basic and applied aspects
  • Energy and protein requirements and feeding of the suckling foal
  • Body weight and condition of Kentucky Thoroughbred mares and their foals as influenced by month of foaling, season, and gender
  • The utilisation of morphometric measurements to estimate horse body weight: Application to the Lusitano breed
  • Passive immunity transfer forecast in different horse breeds
  • TAHITIAN NONI™ Equine Essentials™ Regulates LPS-Induced COX-2 and cytokine expression in equine neonatal monocytes: A preliminary study
  • Nutrition and feeding of the broodmare

Part D – Feeding practices and pastures management

  • Overview practices in the field in Europe: rationing and prevention of nutritional related problems in the mares
  • Role of pasture in mares and foals management in Europe
  • Relationships between the management and health of pastures and mares and foals: A U.S. perspective

Part E – Nutrition and reproductive performances

  • Effects of nutrition level in mares’ ovarian activity and in equines’ puberty
  • Nutrition and equine fertility
  • Intrauterine nutrition: Effect on subsequent health

Part F - Advances in reproductive biotechnologies

  • The new biotechnologies of reproduction in horses: recent progresses and applications
  • Management strategy of the broodmare: The case of trotter mares in Italy


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Nutrition and Feeding of the Broodmare

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