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Obesity Surgery
Principles and Practice
by Cid Pitombo

Obesity Surgery: Principles and Practice takes you step by step through the very latest, most advanced surgical techniques and clinical protocols.

Using full color throughout, this logically organized guide begins with an insightful look at the general principles of obesity surgery-one that provides a vital theoretical framework for subsequent chapters. The next sections of the book offer an in-depth review of surgical procedures and postoperative management.


  • Unequaled coverage that delivers an up-to-date, comprehensive survey of today's obesity surgery practice
  • Valuable, skill-building insights that reflect the expertise of an international pool of editors and authors in the field of bariatric surgery
  • Focus on topics not covered in other books, including Surgery in Adolescents, Cost Analysis of Laparoscopic versus Open Surgery, and Surgery in the “Super Obese”
  • Unique DVD with videoclips of critical need-to-know procedures
  • Full-color art program to clarify surgical protocols


Part I: Basic Principles

  1. Evolution of surgery for morbid obesity
  2. Pathophysiology of severe obesity and the effects of surgically induced weight loss
  3. Rationale for minimally invasive bariatric surgery
  4. Current role of open bariatric surgery
  5. Central nervous system regulation and hormonal signaling

Part II: Operative Issues

  1. Requirements of the clinic and institution
  2. Preoperative evaluation of patients
  3. Intraoperative issues
  4. Bariatric surgery psychology
  5. Anesthetic concerns

Part III: Physiology of bariatric operations

  1. Restrictive surgery
  2. Physiology and metabolism in obesity surgery, roux-en-y gastric bypass
  3. Malabsorptive procedures: biliopancreatic diversion—scopinaro procedure
  4. Malabsorptive procedures: duodenal switch
  5. Possible hormonal mechanisms mediating the effects of bariatric surgery
  6. Metabolic syndrome: diagnosis, clinical presentations, and surgical treatment
  7. The learning curve

Part IV: Technical Procedures

  1. Laparoscopic restrictive procedures: adjustable gastric banding
  2. Laparoscopic restrictive procedures: sleeve gastrectomy
  3. Laparoscopic gastric bypass: trans-oral circular stapling
  4. Laparoscopic gastric bypass: circular stapler technique
  5. Laparoscopic gastric bypass: transgastric circular stapler
  6. Laparoscopic gastric bypass: linear technique
  7. Laparoscopic roux-en-y banded gastric bypass
  8. Laparoscopic gastric bypass: hand sewn
  9. Laparoscopic gastric bypass: evolution, safety, and efficacy of the banded gastric bypass
  10. Laparoscopic gastric bypass: silastic ring
  11. Laparoscopic biliopancreatic diversion: approach
  12. Laparoscopic biliopancreatic diversion: duodenal switch
  13. Two-stage approach for high-risk patients

Part V: Laparoscopic Reoperative Surgery

  1. Restrictive procedures: adjustable gastric band
  2. Restrictive procedures: utilization of adjustable gastric banding for failed stapled operations
  3. Restrictive procedures: laparoscopic revision of vertical banding to gastric bypass
  4. Biliopancreatic diversion: revisional surgery
  5. Bilipoancreatic diversion: duodenal switch

Part VI: Postoperative Management

  1. Infection in obesity surgery
  2. Early complications in bariatric surgery
  3. Late complications: ulcersss, stenosis, and fistula
  4. Nutritional consequences and management
  5. Weight recidivism
  6. Radiographic evaluation and treatment
  7. Radiographic evaluation and treatment: intervention
  8. Endoscopic evaluation and treatment

Part VII: New Technology

  1. Gastric pacing
  2. Intragastric balloon
  3. Hand-assisted laparoscopic duodenal switch

Part VIII: Special Topics in Bariatric Surgery

  1. Cost and economic impact of bariatric surgery
  2. Adolescent bariatric surgery


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Obesity Surgery
Principles and Practice
by Cid Pitombo

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