Marine Science Reference from C.H.I.P.S.

The Ocean Engineering Handbook

edited by Ferial El-Hawary


  • Authoritative articles by leading experts

  • Cutting-edge technology advances

  • Pointers to future directions in research

  • Excellent bibliographies in each of the areas

  • Most complete and up-to-date table of contents

Compiled with the help of an internationally acclaimed panel of experts, the Ocean Engineering Handbook is the most complete reference available for professionals. It offers you comprehensive coverage of important areas of the theory and practice of oceanic/coastal engineering and technology.

Designed to be used as a traditional handbook, it thoroughly covers position control theory and implementations and offers a close look at the present state of ocean engineering.

With 200 tables and over 100 figures, The Ocean Engineering Handbook will give you a head start in many aspects of oceanic engineering.


  1. Marine Hydro Dynamics and Vehicles Control
    • Anatomy of Sea-Level Variability: An Example from the Adriatic
    • Guidance and Control Systems for Marine Vehicles
    • Sea Ambient Noise: An Example from the Middle Adriatic
    • Basic Shipboard Instrumentation and Fixed Automatic Stations for the Monitoring in the Baltic Sea
    • Fault Tolerant Control in Marine Systems

  2. Modeling Considerations
    • Marine Hydrodynamics and Dynamics of a Floating Structure
    • Mathematical Modelling of Ocean Waves
    • Systems Approaches to Heave Compensation in Marine Dynamic Approaches to Marine Seismic Extraction

  3. Position Control Systems for Offshore Vessels
    • Design of Offshore Positioning Systems
    • Mathematical Modeling of Vessel and Environment
    • Position and Velocity Observer Design
    • Dynamic Positioning (DP) Systems for Ships and Rigs
    • Weather Optimal Positioning Control (WOPC) Systems
    • Position Mooring Systems (POSMOOR) for Rigs and Ships
    • Methods for Thrust Control

  4. Computational Intelligence in Ocean Engineering
    • A Multivariable On-Line Intelligent Autopilot Design Study
    • An Approach to Multi-Robot Cooperation Under Human Supervision
    • Computer Vision in Ocean Engineering

  5. Fiber Optics in Oceanographic Applications
    • Overview of Fiber Optics in Oceanographic Applications
    • Basics of Fiber-Optic Strain Sensors
    • Fiber Optic Acoustic Sensors
    • Fiber Optic Telemetry in Ocean Cable Systems

  6. Current Measurement Technology
    • Current Measurement Technology

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The Ocean Engineering Handbook
edited by Ferial El-Hawary
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