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Ocular Applications of the Fugo Blade
by Hampton Roy

Ocular Applications of the Fugo Blade focuses on the uses of the Fugo blade, a battery powered, portable electrosurgical unit that produces a cool, thin plasma cloud that coats a blunt cutting filament.

Ocular Applications of the Fugo Blade describes and illustrates more than 40 innovative procedures using this technology. Each section focuses on an anatomic area and details disorders that are treated with the use of the Fugo blade. Clear photographs, illustrations, and text explain the authors' approach to the surgical problems.

A companion website offers the full text online and an image bank.


Section I: Introduction to the Fugo Blade

  1. The Origins of the Fugo Blade
  2. The Biophysics and the Mode of Operation of Plasma Surgery

Section II: Clinical Applications of the Fugo Blade

Part A. The Eyelid—Lacrimal System

  1. Conjunctival Route Levator Plication for Ptosis
  2. Sebaceous Cyst
  3. Dysfunction of the Meibomian Glands
  4. Tarsorrhaphy
  5. Congenital or Acquired Punctal Atresia and Canalicus Closure
  6. Failed Dacryocystorhinostomy
  7. Entropion of the Upper Eyelid

Part B. The Conjunctiva

  1. Limbal Nevus
  2. Limbal Nodule
  3. Carcinoma in Situ of the Conjunctiva
  4. Bitot's Spots

Part C. Extraocular Muscles

  1. Strabismus
  2. Cysticercus

Part D. The Lens

  1. Thick Papillary Membranes
  2. Cataracts and Capsulorrhexis
  3. Capsulotomy in Cataracts
  4. 8-mm Capsulotomy
  5. Small Pupil Cararact Surgery
  6. Pediatric Capsulotomy

Part E. The Iris

  1. Iridectomy and Iridotomy

Part F. Glaucoma

  1. Glaucoma Surgery
  2. Conjunctival Lymphatics
  3. Nonperforating Glaucoma Surgery
  4. Transconjunctival Transciliary Filtration (The Singh Aqueous Bypass)
  5. Atwal's Balanced Approach for Glaucoma Filtration
  6. Ab Interno Pretenon Filtration
  7. Ab Externo Pretenon Filtration
  8. Transciliary Filtration (Singh Filtration)
  9. Tenon Cyst
  10. Cyclodialysis
  11. Neovascular Glaucoma

Part G. The Anterior Segment

  1. Anterior Vitrectomy with Cataract Procedure

Part H. The Posterior Segment

  1. Diabetic Retinopathy
  2. Encysted Metallic Intraocular Foreign Body in the Retina
  3. Von Hippel-Lindau Disease
  4. Eales Disease

Part I: The Cornea

  1. Pterygium Surgery
  2. Corneal Ulcers
  3. Corneal Edema
  4. Dermoid of the Limbus

Part J. The Sclera

  1. Keratoprosthesis Surgery
  2. Large Anterior Staphyloma

Part K. The Orbit,br>

  1. Dermoid of the Orbit

Part L. The Globe

  1. Evisceration
  2. Hemophthalmos

Section III: Nonophthalmic Applications of the Fugo Blade

  1. The Fugo Blade in General Surgery: Experimental Work
  2. The Fugo Blade in Treatment of the Ear, Nose, and Throat
  3. The Fugo Blade in Dermatology


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Ocular Applications of the Fugo Blade
by Hampton Roy
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