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Organic Meat and Milk from Ruminants
edited by I. Kyriazakis
and G. Zervas

Organic Meat and Milk from Ruminants addresses the following topics:

  • current and future state of the markets for organic products
  • legislation associated with production
  • health issues
  • impact of organic agriculture on farming systems and socio-economic structures
  • and more


Plenary Presentations

  • Future European market for organic products from ruminants
  • The standards, regulations and legislation required for organic ruminant keeping in the European Union
  • The development of sustainable farming systems and the challenges that face producers in the EU
  • Animal health and welfare issues arising in organic ruminant production systems
  • The product quality and health implications of organic products
  • Marketing and consumer awareness for organic produce
  • The impact of organic agriculture on socio-economic structures
  • Research on organic food production: status, requirements and perspectives

Theatre presentations

  • Sustainability of organic dairy farming in the Netherlands
  • System hierarchy and sustainable farming system development
  • A comparison of two systems of organic milk production
  • Effect of concentrate level on forage intake, milk production and energy and nitrogen utilization in organic milk production
  • Health and welfare of dairy cattle in organic systems in the south west of England
  • The production characteristics of organic dairy herds in the UK
  • Breeding goals and strategies for organic sheep production
  • Organic and conventional systems: composition and cheese-making aptitude of Sarda ewes’ milk
  • Introducing organic sheep and cashmere goat farming systems in Norway
  • Organic dairy goat farming: intramammary infections, milk production and quality
  • An investigation into UK consumer perception of organic lamb
  • Attitudes and beliefs towards organic meat in the south west of England
  • Exploring the Greek organic market: not-purchasing reasons and future buyers’ identification

Poster presentations

  • The yield and quality of plant species grown in mixed organic swards
  • Determination of the major mineral and trace element balance of dairy cows in organic production systems
  • Digestibility and intake of hay from extensively and intensively managed grassland
  • Effects of different sources of yeast on milk yield and composition in organic dairy sheep farming
  • Use of nutraceuticals in organic dairy goat farming: effects of dietary fish oil during the peripartum on colostrum and milk composition
  • Health status of a sheep and goat farm converting from conventional to organic farming
  • Organic meat and milk from ruminants in Italy: a logistic model for measuring changes in the life cycle resulting from BSE. The strategic utility of a marketing hypothesis
  • The development of sustainable farming systems and the challenges livestock producers face in the EU: a Greek case study on sheep and goat breeders
  • Use of autochthonous breeds for rural development and production of quality products
  • An organic mountainous sheep farming system in Greece
  • Organic animal production in Greece
  • Application of Regulation 1804/99 – problems faced by small ruminant producers in Greece
  • Multidisciplinary research on organic farming (OF) for meat sheep production at the INRA Centre in Clermont-Ferrand (France)
  • Organic meat and milk from ruminants in France
  • Establishing the nutritional status of deer in Latvia
  • Organic meat and milk production potential from small ruminants in Turkey
  • Organic meat and milk production in South Africa


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Organic Meat and Milk from Ruminants
edited by I. Kyriazakis and G. Zervas
2002 • 250 pages • $89.95 + shipping
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