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Ozone Reaction Kinetics for Water and Wastewater Systems
by Fernando J. Beltran

  • Covers direct and indirect ozone chemical reactions and the kinetics of ozone decomposition in water
  • Explains the determination of ozone rate coefficient (or reactivity quantification) in wastewater according to the COD level, and the effects on biodegradability
  • Discusses the ozonation kinetics in advanced oxidation processes with UV radiation, hydrogen peroxide, and catalysts
  • Provides coverage of kinetic modeling and mass-balance equations for the treatment of water and wastewater

Ozone Reaction Kinetics for Water and Wastewater Systems is a comprehensive reference that presents practical information to water treatment and wastewater treatment operators and researchers. It describes the application of kinetics to the effective evaluation, design, and implementation of ozone technology. This information will help plant operators determine whether or not ozone treatment is suitable for their facility, and help engineers and researchers design appropriate ozone treatment systems.

By presenting complete coverage of ozone kinetics in water and wastewater, this book provides researchers and practitioners with fundamentals of ozone kinetics as well as practical "how to" information.


  1. INTRODUCTION Ozone in Nature. The Ozone Molecule.
  2. REACTIONS OF OZONE IN WATER Oxidation-Reduction Reactions. Cycloaddition Reactions. Electrophilic Substitution Reactions. Necleophilic Reactions. Indirect Reactions of Ozone.
  3. KINETICS OF THE DIRECT OZONE REACTIONS Homogenous Kinetecs. Heterogenous Kinetics.
  4. FUNDAMENTALS OF GAS-LIQUID REACTION KINETICS Physical Absorption. Chemical Absorption.
  5. KINETIC REGIMES IN DIRECT OZONATION REACTIONS Determination of Ozone Properties in Water. Kinetic Regimes of the Ozone Decomposition Reaction. Kinetic Regimes of Direct Ozonation Reactions. Changes of the Kinetic Regimes During Direct Ozonation Reactions. Comparison Between Absorption Theories in Ozonation Reactions.
  6. KINETCS OF THE OZONATION OF WASTEWATERS Reactivity of Ozone in Wastewater. Critical Concentration of Wastewater. Characterization of Wastewater. Importance of pH in Wastewater Ozonation. Chemical Biological Processes. Kinetic Study of the Ozonation of Wastewaters.
  7. KINETICS OF INDIRECT REACTIONS OF OZONE IN WATER Relative Importance of the Direct Ozone-B Reaction and the Ozone Decomposition Reaction. Relative Rates of the Oxidation of a Given Compound. Kinetic Parameters. Characterization of Natural Waters Regarding Ozone Reactivity.
  8. KINETICS OF THE OZONE/HYDROGEN PEROXIDE SYSTEM The Kinetic Regime of the O3/H2O2 Process. Determination of Kinetic Parameters. The Ozone/Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidation of Volatile Compounds. The Competition of the Direct Reaction.
  9. KINETICS OF THE OZONE-UV RADIATION SYSTEM Kinetics of the UV Radiation for the Removal of Contaminants from Water. Kinetics of the UV/H2O2 System. Comparison between the Kinetic Regimes of the Ozone-B and Ozone-UV Photolysis Reactions.
  10. HETEROGENEOUS CATALYTIC OZONATION Fundamentals of Gas-Liquid-Solid Catalytic Reaction Kinetics. Kinetics of Heterogeneous Catalytic Ozone Decomposition in Water. Kinetics of Heterogeneous Catalytic Ozonation of Compounds in Water. Kinetics of Semiconductor Photocatalytic Processes.
  11. KINETIC MODELLING OF OZONE PROCESSES Case of Slow Kinetic Regime of Ozone Absorption. Case of Fast Kinetic Regime of Ozone Absorption. Case of Intermediate or Moderate Kinetic Regime of Ozone Absorption. Time Regimes in Ozonation. Influence of the Type of Water and Gas Flows. Mathematical Models. Examples of Kinetic Modeling for Model Compounds. Kinetic Modeling of Wastewater Ozonation.


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Ozone Reaction Kinetics
for Water and Wastewater Systems

by Fernando J. Beltran
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