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A Comprehensive Reference for Fashion Design
by Sylvia Rosen


  • Detailed, step-by-step technical illustrations.
  • Lessons presented in sequential order of learning—All the patterns diagrammed are shown in the exact stages and sequence of development—from plot to completion—including all necessary markings, such as punch holes, notches, seams, and grain lines.
  • Generic patterns—The patterns represent problems and style lines that can be applied to any garment currently in style, and are NOT meant to make a fashion statement. All have been classroom tested and the completed patterns have been pinned together in tissue and checked on the dress forms for accuracy, balance, and shape.
  • The pinning of all the patterns in tissue—To be checked for accuracy.
  • Detailed illustrations and text on creating a set of Basic Slopers—The base from which all patterns can be developed with precision.
  • Detailed visual and verbal information on sub-sloper development.
  • Detailed information on preparing and measuring the dress form.

Patternmaking covers all the technical aspects of developing precise professional patterns for garments, and gives readers a firm foundation in the tools, concepts, and understanding necessary for success in this highly competitive industry.

The focus throughout Patternmaking is on the procedures and principles of professional flat patternmaking using Basic Slopers (i.e., Pattern Blocks, Master Patterns, or Foundation Patterns), and on cutting and testing each completed pattern in tissue, pinned on the form completely marked. The exceptionally clear and visually detailed illustrations can easily be understood without having to read the accompanying text.


  1. Introduction to Patterns and Patternmaking
    What Is a Pattern? What Is Patternmaking? How Are Patterns Used? Pattern Development. The Designer. History of Patterns and Patternmaking. Pattern and Design Terminology. Tools for Patternmaking. Supplies for Patternmaking. Basic Rules for Patterns. Preparing the Dress Form for Measurement. Different Forms for Different Functions.

  2. Introduction to Slopers
    Front Measurements. Back Measurements. Skirt Measurements. Sleeve Measurements. Measurements for Pants. Measurements for Pants: Crotch. Style Lines for Pants. Measurements and Style Lines for Skirts. Drafting Basic Slopers from Measurements. Basic One-Piece Straight Sleeve Draft. Walking the Sleeve Around the Armhole. Adding Ease to Slopers. Basic Length Pants. Completing Patterns and Slopers.

  3. Slopers and Sub-Slopers
    1/4 Scale Slopers. 1/2 Scale Slopers and Sub-Slopers.

  4. Introduction to Dart Manipulation
    Basic Bodice. Bodices: Tucks. Bodice: Gathers and More. Bodice: Necklines.

  5. Necklines and Collars
    Neck Facings. Collars.

  6. Short Sleeves
    Short Sleeves (4" Below Biceps). Short Sleeves with Raised and Gathered Caps. Short Petal Sleeves (One and Two Piece).

  7. Skirts
    Basic A-Line (Flared) Skirt. Circle Skirts. Godet Skirts. Six-Gore Skirts.

  8. Bodice and Sleeve Pattern
    Revere Bodice with Three-Dart Short Sleeve. Short Kimono Sleeve.

  9. Sleeve/Bodice Combinations
    Raglan Sleeves. Fitted Drop Shoulder Sleeves. Deep Armhole Drop Shoulder Sleeves. Kimono Sleeves with Gusset. Kimono/Dolman Sleeve Variations. Batwing Sleeves.

  10. Shirts
    Shirt and Shirttail Hem. Action Sleeve with Roll-Up Cuff. Deep Armhole Raglan. Basic Raglan Shirt Sleeve and Variation.

  11. Collars
    Shirt Collar. Bow Tie Collar. Turtleneck Collar.

  12. Sleeves
    Long Straight Sleeve to One-Dart Shaped Sleeve. Set-In Sleeves.

  13. Skirts
    Skirt Shapes. Skirt Styles and Patterns.

  14. Capes and Hoods
    Capes. Hoods.

  15. Torso Slopers
    Torso Slopers. Patterns for Torso Slopers.

  16. Garment Details
    Buttons and Buttonholes. Seam, Hem, and Sewing Stitches. Snaps and Zippers.

  17. Figure Analysis
    Body Shapes. Basic Silhouettes and Shapes Used for Apparel Designs.

  18. The Fashion Industry
    Fashion Personnel. Color. The Manufacturing Process. Flats and Specs.


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A Comprehensive Reference for Fashion Design
by Sylvia Rosen

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