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Patty's Industrial Hygiene 6th edition
4 Volume Set
edited by Vernon E. Rose

Since the first edition in 1948, Patty’s Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology has become a flagship publication for Wiley. In the course of its nearly six decades in print, it has evolved into a standard reference for the fields of occupational health and toxicology.

The volumes on Industrial Hygiene are cornerstone reference works for chemists, engineers, toxicologists, and occupational safety personnel.

The traditional areas of interest to occupational health and safety professionals include anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of potential hazards. In addition to these, the 6th edition provides information and reliable resources to prepare for natural disasters, exposures to biological agents and potential acts of terrorism.


Volume 1: Hazard Recognition

Part I: Introduction to Industrial Hygiene

  1. Industrial Hygiene: Retrospect and Prospect
  2. Rationale for Industrial Hygiene Practice
Part II: Chemical Agents
  1. The Mode of Absorption, Distribution, and Elimination of Toxic Materials
  2. Occupational Epidemiology: Some Guideposts
  3. Atypical Human Response to Low-Level Environmental Contaminants: Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
  4. Basic Aerosol Science
  5. Pulmonary Effects of Inhaled Mineral Dusts
  6. Assessment of Exposure to Respirable Dusts
  7. Man-Made Mineral Fibers
  8. Engineered Nanomaterials
  9. Sampling/Analysis of Gases/Vapors
  10. Analytical Methods
  11. Biological Monitoring of Exposure to Industrial Chemicals
  12. Odors: Measurement and Control

Volume 2: Evaluation and Control Part III: Chemical Exposure Evaluation

  1. Real-Time Assessment of Air Contaminants Using Video Exposure Monitoring Methods and Techniques
  2. Computed Tomography in Industrial Hygiene
  3. Mathematical Modeling of Indoor Air Contaminant Concentrations
  4. Human Health Risk Assessment
  5. Interpreting Levels of Exposures to Chemical Agents
  6. The History and Biological Basis of Occupational Exposure Limits for Chemical Agents
  7. Pharmacokinetics and Unusual Work Schedules
Part IV: Chemical Exposure Control
  1. Characterizing Air Contaminant Emission Sources
  2. Engineering Control of Airborne Contaminants: History, Philosophy, and Primary Approaches
  3. Industrial Ventilation
  4. Administrative Controls
  5. Respiratory Protective
  6. Chemical Protective Clothing
  7. Control Banding: Background, Critique, and Evolution

Volume 3: Physical and Biological Agents

Part V: Physical Agents

  1. Ionizing Radiation
  2. Nonionizing Radiation: Lasers
  3. Nonionizing Radiation: Broadband
  4. Nonionizing Radiation:
  5. Nonionizing Radiation: Extremely Low
  6. Industrial Noise and Hearing
  7. Physiological Effects of Altered
    Barometric Pressure
  8. Vibration
  9. Cold Stress
  10. Heat Stress
  11. Occupational Ergonomics:
    Past, Present, and Future

Part VI: Biological Agents

  1. Biohazards and Occupational
  2. Control of Biohazards
  3. Airborne Infectious Diseases


Volume 4: Program Management and Specialty Areas of Practice

Part VII: Program Management

  1. Occupational Safety and
    Health Laws
  2. Occupational Health and Safety
    Management Systems
  3. Management of International
    EH&S Programs
  4. Product Stewardship: A Viable Practice for the Industrial Hygienist

Part VIII: Specialty Areas

  1. Emergency and Disaster:
    Preparedness, Response and Recovery
  2. Hazardous Wasters
  3. Indoor Air Quality in Nonindustrial
    Occupational Environments
  4. Agricultural Hygiene
  5. Contemporary Industrial Hygiene Considerations for Health Care Work Settings
  6. Air Pollution
  7. Health and Safety Factors in Designing an Industrial Hygiene Laboratory
  8. The Industrial Hygienist in
  9. Fire Safety in the Workplace
  10. Work Site Health Promotion


Cumulative Index
for all Four Volumes

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edited by Vernon E. Rose
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Patty's Industrial Toxicology 5th edition • 8 Volume Set
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