Toxicology of Compounds Reference Set from C.H.I.P.S.

Patty's Industrial Toxicology 5th Edition

8 Volume Set
by Eula Bingham, Barbara Cohrssen
and Charles H. Powell

This Fifth Edition of Patty's Industrial Toxicology provides the needed changes to the format and organization of the toxicology volumes. In addition to standardizing the format and sequence in which toxicologic data is presented for all of the compounds, the compounds will be organized according to logical groupings:

  • Volumes 2 and 3 covers the metals in 23 separate chapters
  • Vol. 4 will contain four chapters on aromatic hydrocarbons and 7 chapters on organic nitrogen compounds
  • Vol. 5 will contain eight chapters on organic halogenated hydrocarbons and four on aliphatic carboxylic acids
  • Vol. 6 will feature three chapters on ketones, two on alcohols, and five on esters
  • Vol. 7 will include four chapters on epoxy compounds, two on gycol ethers, and eight on synthetic polymers

The reorganization of chapters in Volumes 2 through 6 by itself will vastly facilitate information searching and retrieval. Volume 8, like Volume 1, does not cover compounds but rather other major issues in toxicology assessment or other forms of toxic agents.

Completely reorganized, Patty's Industrial Toxicology 5th Edition encompasses eight core volumes and a cumulative index. For the vast majority of chapters (27 through 97, spanning Volumes 2 through 7) that focus on individual compounds or classes of compounds, a standardized format will be adopted to provide core identifying information for each compound, such as CAS Registry numbers, RTECS number, physical and chemical properties, threshold limit values (TLVs), permissible exposure limits (PELs), maximum workplace concentrations (MAK), and biological tolerance values for occupational exposures (BAT).

Partial Table of Contents

Volume 1
Tox Issues/Inorganic Particulates/Dusts/Products of Biological Origin/Pathogens
Industrial Toxicology: Origins and Trends
Pathways and Measuring Exposure to Toxic Substances
Ecogenetics: The Study of Gene-Environment Interaction
Regulations and Guidelines in the Workplace
Silica and Silica Compounds
Cotton and Other Textile Dusts
Bioaerosols and Disease
Petroleum, Coal Tar, and Related Products

Volume 2
Tox Issues Related to Metals/Neurotoxicology and Radiation/Metals and Metal Compounds
Ionizing Radiation
Neurotoxicology and Behavior
Silver and Gold
Magnesium, Calcium, Strontium, Barium, and Radium
Zinc and Cadmium
Gallium, Indium, and Thallium
Germanium, Tin, and Copper
Titanium, Zirconium, and Hafnium
Arsenic, Antimony, and Bismuth

Volume 3
Metals and Metal Compounds/Compounds of Inorganic Nitrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, and Halogens
Vanadium, Niobium, and Tantalum
Chromium, Molybdenum, and Tungsten
Manganese and Rhenium
Iron and Cobalt
Nickel, Ruthenium, Rhodium, Palladium, Osmium, and Platinum
Uranium and Thorium
The Lanthanides, Rare Earth Metals
Phosphorus, Selenium, Tellurium, and Sulfur
Alkaline Materials, Sodium, Potassium, Cesium, Rubidium, Francium, and Lithium
Inorganic Compounds of Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen
The Halogens

Volume 4
Hydrocarbons/Organic Nitrogen Compounds

Volume 5
Organic Halogenated Hydrocarbons/Aliphatic Carboxylic Acids/Ethers/Aldehydes
Saturated Methyl Halogenated Aliphatic Hydrocarbons
Saturated Halogenated Aliphatic Hydrocarbons Two to Four Carbons
Unsaturated Halogenated Hydrocarbons
Dibenzo-p-Dioxins: 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-Dioxin
Halogenated Biphenyls
Halogenated Benzenes
Organic Chlorofluoro Hydrocarbons
Miscellaneous Chlorinated Hydrocarbons Pesticides
Aliphatic Carboxylic Acids, Saturated
Aliphatic Carboxylic Acids, Unsaturated

Volume 6
Ketones/Alcohols/Esters/Epoxy Compounds/Organic Peroxides
Ketones of Four or Five Carbons
Ketones of Six to Thirteen Carbons
Monohydric Alcohols—C1 to C6
Monohydric Alcohols—C7 to C18, Aromatic and Other Alcohols
Esters of Mono- and Alkenyl Carboxylic Acids and Mono- and Polyalcohols
Esters of Aromatic Mono-, Di-, and Tricarboxylic Acids, Aromatic Diacids, and Di-, Tri-, or Polyalcohols
Esters of Carbonic and Orthocarbonic Acid, Organic Phosphorus, Monocarboxylic Halogenated Acids, Haloalcohols, and Organic Silicon
Epoxy Compounds—Olefin Oxides, Aliphatic Glycidyl Ethers and Aromatic Monoglycidyl Ethers
Epoxy Compounds—Aromatic, Diglycidyl Ethers, Polyglycidyl Ethers, Glycidyl Esters, and Miscellaneous Epoxy Compounds
Organic Peroxides

Volume 7
Glycols and Glycol Ethers/Synthetic Polymers/Organic Sulfur Compounds/Organic Phosphates
Ethers of Ethylene Glycol and Derivatives
Glycol Ethers: Ethers of Propylene, Butylene Glycols, and Other Glycol Derivatives
Synthetic Polymers
Synthetic Polymers—Olefin, Diene Elastomers, and Vinyl Halides
Polyvinyl Acetate, Alcohol, and Derivatives, Polystyrene, and Acrylics
Synthetic Polymers—Cellulosics, Other Polysaccharides, Polyamines, and Polyimides
Synthetic Polymers, Polyesters, Polyethers, and Related Polymers
Polyurethanes, Miscellaneous Organic Polymers, and Silicones
Organic Sulfur Compounds
Organophosphorus Compounds

Volume 8
Physical Agents/Interactions/Mixtures/Populations at Risk/United States and International Standards
Toxicological Effects of the Physical Agents
Cold Stress and Strain
Heat Stress
Noise and Ultrasound
Electric and Magnetic Fields and Occupational Health
Radio-Frequency amd Microwave Radiation
Infrared, Visible and Ultraviolet Radiation
Occupational Ergonomics: Principles and Applications
Occupational Vibration
Abnormal Pressures: Hyperbaric and Hypobaric
Biological Rhythms, Shift Work, and Occupational Health
Smoke and Combustion Products
Chemical and Physical Agent Interaction
Populations at Risk
Carbon Black
Appendix: United States and International Standards

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