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Perioperative Fluid Therapy
edited by Robert G. Hahn

Perioperative Fluid Therapy requires the correct selection, amount, and composition of fluids based on the patient's underlying pathology, state of hydration, and type and duration of surgical stress.


  • Provides an expert summary of the management of fluid therapy by world renowned international experts
  • Presents a clear overview of currently utilized infusion fluids, alongside novel techniques for vascular access
  • Demonstrates with how fluids should be used in daily clinical practice and in critical care, trauma, burn, and neurosurgical situations
  • Studies the adverse effects of fluids including allergic reactions and accidental fluid overload
  • Offers new insights into the characteristics, management, and administration of the different types of intravenous fluids
  • Analyzes the pathophysiology and clinical implications of perioperative fluid excess
  • Describes the major changes in fluid and electrolyte homeostasis that can occur after trauma or surgery


  1. Measurement of Body Fluid Volumes In Vivo
  2. Microvascular Fluid Exchange
  3. Invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring
  4. Oxygen Delivery as a Goal for Fluid Therapy in Surgical Patients
  5. Volume Kinetics
  6. Pulmonary Edema Etiology and Measurement
  7. Intravascular Volume Assessment in the Critically Ill Patient
  8. Peripheral Venous Access
  9. Perioperative Fluid Therapy: Vascular Access in Children
  10. Glucose Solutions
  11. Crystalloid solutions
  12. Colloid Fluids
  13. Hypertonic Solutions
  14. Oxygen Carrying Plasma Expanders A New Class of Fluids For Perioperative Support
  15. Hypovolemic Shock
  16. Septic Shock
  17. Prehospital Fluid Theraphy
  18. Fluid Therapy in Trauma
  19. Fluid Management in the Severely Burned Patient
  20. Fluid Therapy in the Intensive Care Unit
  21. Transfusion of Red Cells and Blood Components in Stressed, Traum, and Critical Care Patients
  22. Transfusion of Red Cells and Blood Components in Stressed, Trauma, and Critical Care Patients
  23. Fluid Management of Uncontrolled Hemorrhage
  24. Spinal Anesthesia and Fluid Therapy
  25. Fluid Balance in Day Surgery
  26. Intravenous Fluid Therapy in Daily Practice: Intra-Abdominal Operations
  27. Fluid Therapy in Cardiac Surgery
  28. Urology
  29. Fluid Therapy in Non-Cardiac Thoracic Surgery
  30. Fluid Management In Obstetrics Perioperative Fluid Therapy
  31. Perioperative Fluid Therapy in Pediatrics
  32. Restricted Intravenous Fluid Therapy in Elective Surgery or (The Influence of Liberal Fluid Therapy on Outcome of Surgery)
  33. Outcome Studies
  34. Adverse Reactions to Infusion Fluids
  35. Absorption of Irrigating Fluid
  36. Fluids and Coagulation
  37. Multiple Organ Failure


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Perioperative Fluid Therapy
edited by Robert G. Hahn
2006 554 pages $298.95 + shipping
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