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Periodontal Medicine and Systems Biology
by Brian Henderson

Periodontal Medicine and Systems Biology provides a systems-based approach to periodontology and offers a scientific roadmap of the interactions which can lead to periodontal disease.

The content is divided into five sections. The first introduces the reader to the concept of systems theory and its mathematical foundation. The second section provides the reader with a current view of periodontal medicine including:

  • the microbiology
  • molecular genetics
  • relationship to systemic disease
  • current and future therapies
Periodontitis is caused by members of the oral microbiota and the third section provides the reader with various views of the relationship of the microbiota to the host. The fourth section moves from the bacterium to the host and its immune responses to altered host: bacteria interactions.

The final section deals specifically with bone destruction in periodontitis and brings the reader up-to-date with the current view of the control network that exists between mesenchymal cells such as osteoblasts, immune cells and osteoclast precursor cells that controls bone remodelling in health and disease.


Systems Theory and Cooperative Bacteria

  1. Systems thinking in biology
  2. Metagenomics and its applications to human bacterial diseases
Periodontitis: The Clinical Disease
  1. Periodontitis: a modern clinical picture
  2. Plaque microbiology in (periodontal) health and disease
  3. Population molecular genetics of periodontitis
  4. Mechanisms linking periodontitis to systemic disease
  5. The impact of diabetes-enhanced inflammation on periodontal disease and bone destruction
Periodontitis: Coping with the Microbiota
  1. The microbiota of humans
  2. The normal oral microbiota
  3. Bacterial coaggregation and periodontitis
  4. Dynamics of biofilm formation and relationship to periodontitis
  5. Quorum sensing as a means of biofilm communication
  6. Genomics of Porphyromonas gingivalis
  7. Genomics of Fusobacterium nucleatum
  8. The Aggregatibacter (formerly Actinobacillus) actinomycetemcomitans genome – annotation, analysis and metabolic reconstruction
Periodontitis: Innate adn Acquired Immunity
  1. A new view of innate immunity for the twenty-first century
  2. Innate immunity and homeostasis in the periodontium
  3. Antimicrobial host defence peptides in oral health and periodontitis
  4. Control of inflammation in periodontal disease
  5. Antigen-presenting cells in chronic periodontitis
  6. B-cell responses in periodontitis
  7. T-cell responses in periodontitis
Periodontitis: Bone Destruction
  1. Current paradigms of osteoblast–osteoclast interactions and bacterial pathogen-induced bone resorption
  2. Bacterial osteolytic mediators
  3. Immune cell involvement in periodontal bone loss
  4. How can periodontal bone loss be stopped?

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Periodontal Medicine and Systems Biology
by Brian Henderson
2009 • 449 pages • $198.95 + shipping
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