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Personalized Nutrition
Principles and Applications
edited by Frans Kok

Personalized Nutrition: Principles and Applications illustrates molecular, physiological, epidemiological, and public health aspects with examples from major diseases and discusses the behavioral, ethical, and consumer perspectives that will influence a successful introduction of personalized nutrition. Features:

  • Considers the practical validity of the personal diet- and health relationship
  • Addresses the molecular, physiological, epidemiological, and public health aspects of personalized nutrition
  • Uses examples of major chronic diet-related diseases
  • Discusses the behavioral, ethical, and consumer perspectives that will influence the introduction of personalized nutrition.
  • Links personalized nutrition with existing models for behavior change

The book answers pertinent questions crucial to the mainstream acceptance of personalized nutrition:

  • to what extent is this personal diet-and-health relationship practically valid?
  • how can nutrition science demonstrate this? And what is the proposition of stakeholders in society, including the consumer?

Section 1 covers state-of-the-science in nutrigenomic technologies including transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics. It covers the use of genomics technology for a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in major diet-related chronic disorders such as chronic inflammation, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity.

Section 2 compares the practices and opinions of scientists, food companies, consumers, competitive athletes, and health care providers on the subject of personalized nutrition. It reviews marketing potential, consumer attitudes, and the ethical issues surrounding personalized advice.

Section 3 focuses on humanitarian concerns related to developing countries. It also considers ongoing innovations in food technology, nutrigenomics, and food delivery systems.


Section 1: Scientific Principles of Personalized Nutrition

  1. Nutrigenomics and Transcriptomics: Applications of Microarray Analyses in Nutrition Research
  2. Exploring the Proteome for Markers of Health
  3. Metabolomics and the Personalized Metabolic Signature
  4. Nutrition, Genomics, and Cardiovascular Disease Risk
  5. Nutrigenomics and Chronic Inflammation
  6. Personalized Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes
  7. Toward Personalized Nutrition for the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer
  8. Nutrigenomics and Angiogenesis in Obesity
  9. Metabolic Programming during Pregnancy: Implications for Personalized Nutrition
  10. Taste as the Gatekeeper of Personalized Nutrition
  11. Personalized Nutrition and Public Health

Section 2: Personalized Nutrition and Stakeholders in Society

  1. Imminent Applications of Nutrigenomics: A Stakeholder Analysis
  2. The Personal Factor in Nutrition Communication
  3. A Marketing and Consumer Behavior Perspective on Personalized Nutrition
  4. U.S. Consumer Attitudes Toward Personalized Nutrition
  5. Ethics of Personalized Nutrition

Section 3: The Future of Personalized Nutrition

  1. International Efforts on Nutrigenomic Health for Individuals in the Global Community
  2. The Future of Foods


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Personalized Nutrition
Principles and Applications
edited by Frans Kok

2007 304 pages $98.95 + shipping
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