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from C.H.I.P.S.

Perspectives in World Food and Agriculture 2004

edited by Colin G. Scanes
and John A. Miranowski

Written by a team of international researchers, scientists, and academics, Perspectives of World Food and Agriculture 2004 comprises the latest, most up-to-date information in global agricultural. With a list of international contributors that reads like a "Who’s Who?" in agricultural research, this volume brings together some of the most cutting-edge agricultural research being done today.

This popular annual publication includes:

  • Global agricultural statistics
  • Trends in the food marketing system
  • Agricultural policies
  • Global food insecurity (a contribution from UNFAO)
  • Ethics of agriculture
  • Success in developing sustainable agriculture systems
  • Efficacy and safety of plant biotechnology
  • An invited review by the World Food Laureate

Researchers and research libraries alike will delight in the "Frontiers" portion of this book. As its name suggests, this section delivers reports on the latest breakthroughs in agriculture research.

Aimed at faculty in colleges of agriculture, undergraduate and graduate students, policy makers, government and industry scientists, public libraries, farmers and agribusiness operators, Perspectives of World Food and Agriculture 2004 is the key to keeping current on agricultural research and policy.


  1. Frontiers in the Food World
    1. The State of World Food Security
    2. Feeding a World of 10 Billion People: Our 21st Century Challenge
    3. Dr. Norman E. Borlaug: 20th Century Lessons for the 21st Century World
    4. An Appeal by the 15 World Food Prize Laureates on the Occasion of the World Food Summit: Five Years Later
    5. Reducing Hunger by Improving Soil Fertility: An African Success Story
    6. Achieving the 2020 Vision in the Shadow of International Terrorism

  2. Frontiers in Food
    1. HACCP as a Model for Improving Food Safety
    2. Leading Changes in Food Retailing: Seven Steps to a Demand-Driven Food System

  3. Frontiers in Animal Agriculture
    1. The Importance of Livestock for the World's Poor
    2. Agricultural and Environmental Issues in the Management of Animal Manures
    3. The Equine Industry—Economic and Societal Impact

  4. Frontiers in Water
    1. Managing Water Insecurity
    2. Neither Water nor Food Security Without a Major Shift in Thinking—A Water-Scarcity Close-Up
    3. Major Problems in the Global Water-Food Nexus
    4. Water Scarcity: From Problems to Opportunities in the Middle East
    5. The Role of Biosaline Agriculture in Managing Freshwater Shortages and Improving Water Security
    6. Coping with Water Scarcity in Dry Areas: Challenges and Options
    7. An Integrated Approach for Efficient Water Use—Case Study: Israel
    8. The Mekong River Basin—Searching for Transboundary Water Allocation Rules
    9. Jal Swaraj: A Win-Win Situation for All

  5. Frontiers in Policy and Ethics
    1. China's Grain Security and Trade Policies After Entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO): Issues and Options
    2. The Legacy of Positivism and the Role of Ethics in the Agricultural Sciences
    3. Agroterrorism: Need for Awareness
    4. Agricultural Biotechnology in Developing Countries

  6. Statistics and Trends in World Agriculture
    1. Factors Affecting World Agriculture


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Perspectives in World Food and Agriculture 2004
edited by Colin G. Scanes and John A. Miranowski
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