Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms: Tablets
from C.H.I.P.S.

Volume 1
Unit Operations and Mechanical Properties
Volume 2
Rational Design and Formulation
Volume 3
Manufacture and Process Control
Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms
Tablets: 3-Volume Set

Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms
Third edition
3-Volume Set
edited by
Larry L. Augsburger

The ultimate goal of drug product development is to design a system that maximizes the therapeutic potential of the drug substance and facilitates its access to patients.

Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms: Tablets, Third edition is a comprehensive resource of the design, formulation, manufacture, and evaluation of the tablet dosage form, and with over 700 illustrations it guides pharmaceutical scientists and engineers through difficult and technical procedures in a simple easy-to-follow format.


  • developments in formulation science and technology
  • changes in product regulation
  • streamlined manufacturing processes for greater efficiency and productivity


Volume I: Fundamentals and Unit Operations

  1. Principles of Sampling for Particulate Solids
  2. Particle and Powder Bed Properties
  3. Flow: General Principles of Bulk Solids Handling
  4. Blending and Blend Uniformity
  5. Milling
  6. Drying
  7. Spray Drying: Theory and Pharmaceutical Applications
  8. Pharmaceutical Granulation Processes, Mechanism, and the Use of Binders
  9. Dry Granulation
  10. The Preparation of Pellets by Extrusion/Spheronization
  11. Coating Processes and Equipment
  12. Aqueous Polymeric Film Coating
  13. The Application of Thermal Analysis to Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms
  14. Preformulation Studies for Tablet Formulation Development
  15. Stability Kinetics
  16. Compaction Simulation
  17. Compression and Compaction


Volume II: Rational Design and Formulation with Excipients

  1. Mass Transfer (from solid oral dosage forms)
  2. Approaches for Improving Bioavailability of Poorly Soluble Drugs
  3. Experimental Design and Multivariate Optimization Tools in Formulation and Process Development
  4. Knowledge-Based Systems and Other AI Applications for Tableting
  5. Direct Compression and the Role of Filler-Binders
  6. Disintegrants in Tableting
  7. Orally Disintegrating Tablets and Related Tablet Formulations
  8. Formulation Challenges: Multiple Vitamin and Mineral Dosage Forms
  9. Botanicals and Their Formulation into Oral Solid Dosage Forms
  10. Formulation of Specialty Tablets for Slow Oral Dissolution
  11. Formulation of Specialty Tablets for Slow Oral Dissolution
  12. Swellable and Rigid Matrices Controlled Release Matrices with Cellulose Ethers
  13. Carrageenans in Solid Dosage Form Design
  14. Osmotic Systems
  15. Tableting of Multiparticulate Modified Release Systems


Volume III: Modern Manufacture and Control

  1. Tooling for Pharmaceutical Processing
  2. Tablet Press Instrumentation in the Research and Development Environment
  3. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Changes in Paradigms
  4. A Forward-Looking Approach to Process Scale-Up for Solid Dose Manufacturing
  5. Dissolution and Drug Release
  6. Setting Dissolution Specifications
  7. Mechanical Strength of Tablets
  8. CGMPs for the 21st Century and ICH Quality Initiatives
  9. Intellectual Property, Patent and Patenting Process in Pharmaceutical Industry
  10. Near-Infrared Chemical Imaging of Pharmaceutical Oral Solid Dosage Forms
  11. Surface Area, Porosity and Related Physical Characteristics


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Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms
Third edition • 3-Volume Set
edited by Larry L. Augsburger

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