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Planning and Control for Food and Beverage Operations
Seventh Edition
by Jack D. Ninemeier

Teach your students the most up-to-date control processes used to reduce costs in food and beverage operations worldwide.

In, Planning and Control for Food and Beverage Operations, descriptions of most manually-based control procedures have been replaced with examples using technology.

Planning and Control for Food and Beverage Operations explores how planning and control functions can help operations work more efficiently, compete for market share, and provide value to guests. Each chapter also includes many Web-based references to illustrate the concepts discussed in the book.


1. The Challenge of Food and Beverage Operations

  • Travel and Tourism: The Umbrella Industry
  • Overview of Hotel Organization
  • Commercial and Noncommercial Food Services
  • Overview of Food Service Management
  • A Common Problem: The Labor Shortage
  • Managing a Multi-Unit Restaurant
  • The Increasing Role of Technology

2. The Control Function

  • Management Resources and Objectives
  • The Manager in the Management Process
  • The Control Process
  • Considerations in Designing Control Systems
  • Responsibilities for Control
  • Control in Multi-Unit Operations
3. Determining Food and Beverage Standards

  • Standard Purchase Specifications
  • Standard Recipes
  • Standard Yields
  • Standard Portion Sizes
  • Standard Portion Costs
  • Recipe Management Software
  • Standard Food Costs
  • Standard Beverage Costs

4. Operations Budgeting and Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis

  • The Budget Process : An Overview
  • Three Steps of Budget Development
  • Budget Development: An Example
  • Computers and the Budget Process
  • Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
5. The Menu: The Foundation for Control
  • Food Servic Control Points
  • The Menu's Influence
  • Menu Planning
  • Calculating Menu Selling Prices
  • Evaluating the Menu
  • Menu Planning in Multi-Unit Organizations
  • Menus and Technology

6. Purchasing and Receiving Controls

  • Purchasing Objectives and Procedures
  • Purchasing Responsibilities
  • Selecting Suppliers
  • Purchasing the Proper Quality
  • Purchasing the Proper Quantities
  • The Purchase Order System
  • Security Concerns in Purchasing
  • Reducing the Cost of the Purchasing Function
  • Purchasing in Multi-Unit Organizations
  • Receiving Controls
7. Storing and Issuing Controls

  • Storing Control: General Procedures
  • Security Concerns in Storage Areas
  • Maintaning Quality during Storage
  • Inventory Control Procedures
  • Technology and Inventory Management
  • Special Beverage Inventory Concerns
  • Issuing Control: General Procedures
  • The Beverage Issue Requisition Process

8. Production and Serving Controls

  • Production Planning
  • Production Control
  • Food Serving and Service
  • Technology and Service
  • Automated Beverage Control Systems

9. Calculating Actual Food and Beverage Costs

  • Actual Food and Beverage Costs: Monthly Calculations
  • Actual Food Costs: Daily Calculations
  • Actual Beverage Costs: Daily Calculations
  • Technology and Actual Product Cost Calculations
10. Control Analysis, Corrective Action, and Evaluation

  • Analyzing: Comparing Standards with Actual Results
  • Taking Corrective Action
  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of Corrective Actions
  • Technology and Analysis, Corrective Action, and Evaluation
11. Revenue Control

  • Revenue and Guest Check Control
  • Collecting Revenue from Guests
  • Assessing Standard Revenue: Beverage Operations

12. Preventing Theft of Revenue

  • Theft by Bartenders
  • Theft by Cashiers
  • Theft by Food and Beverage Servers and Other Staff
  • Theft by Guests
  • Employee Theft from Guests
  • Control of Cash after Collection

13. Labor Cost Control

  • Managing Human Resources
  • Factors Affecting Work Performance and Productivity
  • Work Simplification and Labor Cost Control
  • Labor Control and Employees
  • Human Resources and Multi-Unit Management
14. Implementing Labor Cost Controls
  • Establishing a Unit of Measurement for Labor Standards
  • Determining Productivity Rates
  • Constructing a Staffing Guide
  • The Staffing Guide as a Scheduling Tool
  • The Staffing Guide as a Control Tool
  • Employee Scheduling in Multi-Unit Operations
  • Automated Labor and Payroll Information Systems

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Planning and Control for Food and Beverage Operations
Seventh Edition
by Jack D. Ninemeier

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