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Plant Propagation Concepts and Laboratory Exercises
by Caula A. Bey

Plant Propagation Concepts and Laboratory Exercises develops a working knowledge of the principles of plant propagation, as they apply in temperate and tropical environments.

Plant Propagation Concepts and Laboratory Exercises:

  • Integrates state-of-the-art approaches to asexual and sexual propagation of plants
  • Provides laboratory exercises that facilitate theoretical understanding
  • Covers myths of plant propagation
  • Discusses intellectual property protection for plants
  • Includes a CD-ROM with full-color illustrations and PowerPoint presentations

Plant Propagation Concepts and Laboratory Exercises contains enough practical and up-to-date information and detailed protocols to serve the reference needs of those who continue to be active in plant science research.


Structures for Plant Propagation

  1. Propagation Structures—Types and Management
  2. Holistic Thought Process for the Design of Propagation Facilities
  3. Intermittent Mist Control for Plant Propagation

Plant Propagation Media and Containers

  1. Media and Containers for Seed and Cutting Propagation and Transplanting
  2. Physical Properties and Other Factors When Selecting Propagation Media
  3. Media for Cutting Propagation

Plant Propagation Diseases and the Importance of Sanitation

  1. Disease Management
  2. Disinfestation of Soil and Planting Media
  3. Botrytis and Other Propagation Pathogens
  4. Crop Certification Programs and the Production of Specific Pathogen-Free Plants
  5. Integrated Pest Management for Plant Propagation Systems

Evaluation of Propagated Plants

  1. Evaluation of Data from Propagation Experiments

General Concepts for Successful Vegetative Propagation

  1. Plant Growth Regulators Used in Propagation
  2. Juvenility and Its Affect on Macro- and Micropropagation
  3. Chimeras

Propagation by Stem Cuttings

  1. Cloning Plants by Rooting Stem Cuttings
  2. Anatomical and Physiological Changes That Occur During Rooting of Cuttings
  3. Use of Auxins in Root Cuttings
  4. Adventitious Rooting of Woody and Herbaceous Plants
  5. Rooting Cuttings of Tropical Plants
  6. Care and Management of Stock Plants

Propagation by Leaf and Root Cuttings

  1. Adventitious Shoot and Root Formation on Leaf and Root Cuttings
  2. Propagation by Leaf Cuttings
  3. Propagation of Sumac by Rooting Cuttings


  1. Layering

Grafting and Budding

  1. Grafting: Theory and Practice
  2. Grafting and Budding Exercises with Woody and Herbaceous Species

Bulbs and Plants with Special Structures

  1. Storage Organs
  2. Propagating Selected Flowerbulb Species


  1. Micropropagation
  2. Getting Started With Tissue Culture—Media Preparation, Sterile Technique, and Laboratory
  3. Equipment
  4. Micropropagation of Mint
  5. Micropropagation of Tropical Root and Tuber Crops
  6. Micropropagation of Woody Plants

Seed Production and Propagation

  1. Sexual Reproduction in Angiosperms
  2. Breeding Horticultural Plants
  3. Seed Production, Processing, and Analysis
  4. Environmental Factors Affecting Seed Germination
  5. Producing Seedlings and Bedding Plants
  6. Practices to Promote Seed Germination: Scarification, Stratification, and Priming

In Conclusion: Special Topics

  1. Myths of Plant Propagation
  2. Intellectual Property Protection for Plants


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Plant Propagation Concepts and Laboratory Exercises
by Caula A. Bey
2008 • 480 pages • $88.95 + shipping
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