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Plant Proteomics
Technologies, Strategies, and Applications
edited by Ganesh Kumar Agrawal

Plant Proteomics will introduce you to the techniques and methodologies required for the study of representative plant species.

Plant Proteomics is the premier reference for scientists conducting plant proteomics research and for students in plant sciences.


  1. An Introduction to Proteomics: Applications to Plant Biology

  1. Gel-Based Proteomics
  2. Mass Spectrometry-based Proteomics: Identifying Plant Proteins
  3. Chemical Proteomics
  4. The Arabidopsis Localizome: Subcellular Protein Localization and Interactions in Arabidopsis
  5. Secretome: Toward Deciphering the Secretory Pathways and Beyond
  6. Peptidomics
Computational Proteomics

  1. Bioinformatics in Gel-Based Proteomics
  2. Bioinformatics in MS-Based Proteomics
Expression Proteomics

  1. An Overview of the Arabidopsis Proteome
  2. Rice Proteome at a Glance
  3. Proteomics of Legume Plants
  4. Proteome of Seed Development and Germination
  5. Endosperm and Amyloplast Proteomes of Wheat Grain
  6. Root Proteome
  7. Leaf Proteome
  8. Anther Proteome
  9. Pollen Proteome
  10. Microtubule-Binding Proteins
Organelle Proteomics

  1. Cell Wall
  2. Plasma Membrane: A Peculiar Status Among the Cell Membrane Systems
  3. Nucleus
  4. Chloroplast
  5. Etioplast
  6. The Plant Mitochondrial Proteome and the Challenge of Hydrophobic Protein Analysis
  7. Peroxisome
  8. Unraveling Plant Vacuoles by Proteomics
  9. Oil Bodies
Modification Proteomics

  1. Phosphoproteins: Where are we Today?
  2. Proteome Analysis of the Ubiquitin Pathway
  3. Analysis of the N-Glycosylation of Proteins in Plants
  4. Functional Analysis and Phosphorylation Site Mapping of Leucine-Rich Repeat Receptor-Like Kinases
  5. Time to Search for Protein Kinase Substrates
  6. Tyrosine Phosphorylation in Plants: Emerging Evidence
  7. 14-3-3 Proteins: Regulators of Key Cellular Functions
Multiprotein Complex

  1. Tap-Tagging System in Rice for Protein Complex Isolation
  2. Tap Strategy in Arabidopsis Protein Complex Isolation
  3. Blue-Native Page in Studying Protein Complexes
  4. Protein-Protein Interaction Mapping in Plants
Plant Defense and Stress

  1. Proteomics in Plant Defense Response
  2. Proteome Analysis of Cellular Responses to Abiotic Stresses in Plants
  3. Proteomics of Biotrophic Plant-Microbe Interactions: Symbioses Lead the March
  4. Proteomics Approaches to Construct Calcium Signaling Networks in Plants
Structural Proteomics

  1. Cell-Free Expression System for Eukaryotic Proteins
  2. Protein Structure Determination
Other Topics in Plant Proteomics

  1. Proteomics in Context of Systems Biology
  2. Proteomics in Developing Countries


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Plant Proteomics
Technologies, Strategies, and Applications
edited by Ganesh Kumar Agrawal

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