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Plant Biotechnology and Transgenic Plants

edited by Kirsi-Marja Oksman-Caldentey
and Wolfgang H. Barz

Plant Biotechnology and Transgenic Plants covers the latest technologies and current research on the engineering, synthesis, utilization, and control of primary and secondary plant metabolites such as carbohydrates, amino acids, lipids, polymers, proteins, and phytochemicals for industrial, pharmaceutical, and food and feed applications—detailing methodologies for plant cell culture, crop enhancement, and large-scale production of new plant materials.

It also contains case studies illustrating the cell culture production of pigments, flavors, and antineoplastic compounds!

Plant Biotechnology and Transgenic Plants offers:

  • Approaches to improve the nutritional quality, agronomical characteristics, and oxidative stress and chemical tolerance of plants
  • Recent methods in farming, plant propagation, and breeding
  • Modern procedures to formulate more effective biopharmaceuticals

and explores:

  • New bioreactors for increased production of plant-derived products
  • Engineered plant resistance to pests, as well as viral, bacterial, and fungal diseases
  • The development and optimization of the DNA transfer process
  • The use of hairy roots for investigation of secondary metabolite and foreign protein production, phytoremediation, and phytomining
  • Engineered plants for production of immunotherapeutic compounds

From food to fragrances to fuel, Plant Biotechnology and Transgenic Plants is an essential guide for biotechnologists; agricultural scientists, chemists, engineers, and researchers; plant biologists, pathologists, physiologists, and geneticists; applied and molecular biologists; agronomists; horticulturists; nutrition and food technologists; environmentalists; food safety specialists; and students in these disciplines.


  1. Plant Biotechnology – An Emerging Field
  2. Plant-Derived Drugs and Extracts
  3. Industrial Strategies for the Discovery of Bioactive Compounds from Plants
  4. Plant Cell and Tissue Culture Techniques Used in Plant Breeding
  5. Plant Cell Cultures as Producers of Secondary Compounds
  6. Genetic Transformation of Plants and Their Cells
  7. Properties and Applications of Hairy Root Cultures
  8. Bioreactors for Plant Cell and Tissue Cultures
  9. The Potential Contribution of Plant Biotechnology to Improving Food Quality
  10. Engineering Plant Biochemical Pathways for Improved Nutritional Quality
  11. Transgenic Plants as Producers of Modified Starch and Other Carobhydrates
  12. Improving the Nutritional Quality and Functional Properties of Seed Proteins by Genetic Engineering
  13. Transgenic Plants as Sources of Modified Oils
  14. Flavors and Fragrances from Plants
  15. Fine Chemicals from Plants
  16. Genetic Engineering of the Plant Cell Factory for Secondary Metabolite Production: Indole Alkaloid Production in Catharanthus roseusas a Model
  17. Transgenic Plants for Production of Immunotherapeutic Agents
  18. Signal Transduction Elements
  19. The Plant Cell Wall – Structural Aspects and Biotechnological Developments
  20. Liginin Genetic Engineering: A Way to Better Understand Lignification beyond Applied Objectives
  21. Transgenic Plants Expressing Tolerance Toward Oxidative Stress
  22. Transgenic Plants with Increased Tolerance against Viral Pathogens
  23. Transgenic Plants with Enhanced Tolerance against Microbial Pathogens
  24. Transgenic Crop Plants with Increased Tolerance to Insect Pests
  25. Transgenic Herbicide Resistant Crops – Advantages, Drawbacks and Failsafes
  26. Plants and Environmental Stress Adaptation Strategies
  27. Molecular Mechanisms that Control Plant Tolerance to Heavy Metals and Possible Roles in Manipulating Metal Accumulation


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Plant Biotechnology and Transgenic Plants
edited by Kirsi-Marja Oksman-Caldentey
and Wolfgang H. Barz

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