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Plant Hormone Signaling
Annual Plant Reviews
Volume 24
edited by Peter Hedden

Plant growth is regulated by developmental programmes that can be modified by environmental cues acting through endogenous signaling molecules including plant hormones.

Plant Hormone Signaling provides an overview of the biosynthesis, catabolism, perception and signal transduction of the individual hormone classes, followed by chapters on hormone distribution and transport, and the roles of hormone signaling in specific developmental processes.

Particular attention is paid to the regulation of hormone signaling by environmental and developmental cues, sites of hormone metabolism and action, and interactions between hormone signaling pathways.


1. Abscisic Acid Synthesis, Metabolism and Signal Transduction

  • Biosynthesis and Catabolism Pathways
  • Regulation of ABA Synthesis and Metabolism
  • ABA Signaling in Seed Maturation Processes: Proteolysis and Combinatorial Protein Interactions
  • Stress Responses n Vegetative Tissues: The Five Major Nexuses
  • ABA Signaling in Guard Cells: Simple Movements Controlled by Complex Mechanisms
  • ABA as Antagonizing Signal to Light in Stomatal Movement

2. Auxin Metabolism and Signaling

  • Auxin Metabolism
  • Auxin Signaling

3. Integration of Brassinosteroid Biosynthesis and Signaling

  • Metabolism
  • Signal Transduction
  • Future Prospectives

4. Cytokinin Metabolism and Signal Transduction

  • Cytokinin Metabolism
  • Cytokinin Signal Transduction

5. Ethylene Biosynthesis and Signaling: A Puzzle Yet to be Completed

  • Ethylen Biosynthesis
  • Ethylene Signal Transduction
  • A Complex Network

6. Gibberellin Metabolism and Signal Transduction

  • The Gibberellin Metabolic Pathway
  • Genes of GA Biosynthesis and Their Regulation
  • The Gibberellin Signal Transduction Pathway
  • Downstream Transcriptional Events Induced by GAs
  • Sites of GA Signaling

7. Oxlipins: Biosynthesis, Signal Transduction and Action

  • Dioxygenase, Phytoprostanes and Electrophile Compounds
  • The LOX Pathway
  • Mutants in JA Biosynthesis and in JA Signaling
  • JA, OPDA and Related Compounds in Plant-Defense Reactions
  • JA in Developement

8. Salicylic Acid

  • Biosynthesis and Metabolism of SA
  • Signal Transduction and Mode of Action

9. Hormone Distribution and Transport

  • Concepts and Definitions
  • Auxins: Distribution: Old Views and New Developments
  • Auxin Transport
  • GAs: Distribution and Transport
  • BRs: Distribution and Transport
  • BR Report

10. Reproductive Development

  • Flowering Time
  • Flower Developments
  • Early Fruit Development
  • Fruit Maturation

11. Seed Development and Germination

  • Hormonal Control of Seed Development
  • Hormonal Control of Seed Germination and Post-Germinative Growth


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Plant Hormone Signaling
Annual Plants Reviews
Volume 24
edited by Peter Hedden

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