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Plant Biopolymer Science: Food and Non-Food Applications

edited by D. Renard et al

This unique book reports on the very latest research on plant biopolymer science, from biosynthesis through to applications.

Plant Biopolymer Science describes specifically developments in the study of the biosynthesis of macromolecules and biopolymer design, going on to model systems such as biopolymer assemblies, interfaces and interphases. Finally, a discussion of multiphasic systems shows how these concepts may be extended to everyday applications.

With contributions drawn from the international scientific community, Plant Biopolymer Science: Food and Non-Food Applications provides an overview of the state-of-the-art for a variety of readers, which will include students, researchers and teachers in academia to professionals in industry and government agencies.


  1. Biosynthesis
    • Biochemical Mechanisms of Synthesis of (1->3),(1->4)B-D-Glucans: Cellulose Synthase with an added Twist?
    • The Future Prospects for Broadening Soybean Utilization by Altering Glycinin
    • Heterogeneity of Genes Encoding the Low Molecular Weight Glutenin Subunits of Bread Wheat
    • Identification, Cloning and Expression of a Ferulic Acid Esterase from Neurospora crassa

  2. Biopolymer Design
    • Influence of Polysaccharide Composition on the Structure and Properties of Cellulose-based Composites
    • Attempt to Produce Caffeoylated Arabinoxylans from Feryloylated Arabinoxylans by Microbial Demethylation
    • Enzymatically and Chemically De-esterified Lime Pectins: Physico-chemical Characterisation, Polyelectrolyte Behaviour and Calcium Binding Properties
    • Incorporation of Unsaturated Isoleucine Analogues into Proteins In Vivo
    • Binding of Two Lipid Monomers by Plant Lipid Transfer Proteins, LTPI
    • Topographical Comparisons of Family 13 Amylases using Molecular Modelling Techniques

  3. Biopolymer Assemblies
    • Glutenin Macropolymer: A Gel Formed by Glutenin Particles
    • Swelling and Hydration of the Pectin Network of the Tomato Cell Wall
    • Self-assembly of Acacia Gum and B-Lactoglobulin in Aqueous Dispersion
    • Creation of Biopolymeric Colloidal Carriers Dedicated to Controlled Release Applications

  4. Interfaces, Interphases
    • Polyelectrolyte-Surfactant Complexes at the Air-Water Interface: Influence of the Polymer Backbone Rigidity
    • Adsorption Layers of B-Casein at the Air/Water Interface: Effect of Guanidine Hydrochloride
    • Adsorption and Rheological Behaviour of Biopolymers at Liquid Interfaces
    • Dynamic Surface Tension and Surface Dilational Properties of an Amphiphilic Polysaccharide
    • Polymerization of Coniferyl Alcohol (Monomer of Lignins) at the Air/Water Interface

  5. Multiphasic Systems
    • Emulsion-stabilizing Properties of Depolymerised Pectin: Effects of pH, Oil Type and Calcium Ions
    • Mixed Biopolymer Gels of k-Carrageenan and Soy Protein
    • The Properties of v/l-Carrageenan: Implications for the Gelling Mechanism of l-Carrageenan
    • Films and Foams of Sparkling Wines
    • Structure-Texture Relationships of Starch in Bread
    • Behaviour of Amylose and Amylopectin Films
    • Gel Formation by Soy Glycinin in Bulk and at Interfaces
    • Interactions between Cellulose and Plasticized Wheat Starch—Properties of Biodegradable Multiphase Systems
    • Proteins Films: Microstructural Aspects and Interaction with Water
    • Pea: An Interesting Crop for Packaging Applications
    • In Situ Study of the Changes in Starch and Gluten during Heating of Dough Using Attenuated-total-reflectance Fourier-transform-infrared (ATR-FTIR)
    • Effect of D2O on the Rheological Behaviour of Wheat Gluten
    • The Influence of the Thickness on the Functional Properties of Cassava Starch Edible Films

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Plant Biopolymer Science:
Food and Non-Food Applications

edited by D. Renard, G. Della Valle and Y. Popineau
2002 304 pages $148.00 + shipping

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