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Plant Cell Separation and Adhesion
edited by Jeremy A. Roberts

Plant Cell Separation and Adhesion focuses exclusively on these processes and links improvements in our scientific understanding with methods that may allow us to manipulate cell separation and adhesion to the benefit of the agricultural and horticultural industries.

This book will be of interest to the experimental scientist and to those who wish to apply these techniques commercially.

Special Features:

  • Unique in focussing on all aspects of cell separation within a single volume
  • Each chapter ranges from anatomy to molecular biology
  • The contributors are drawn from major international laboratories


1. Cell separation and adhesion processes in plants

  • Cell separation processes
  • Cell adhesion processes
  • Manipulation of cell separation and adhesion in crop plants

2. Cell wall structure, biosynthesis and assembly

  • Primary cell walls: composition and biosynthesis
  • Cell wall architecture
  • Primary cell wall expansion and regulation

3. Vascular cell differentiation

  • TE differentiation as a model of cell-cell connection
  • Early processes induced by cell separation
  • Factors that regulate TE cell differentiation
  • Effects of tissue organization on cell differentiation
  • Cell wall components characteristic of TE and/or vascular cells
  • The degradation of TE primary cell walls and pore formation
  • Co-regulation of cell wall degradation and PCD

4. Cell adhesion, separation and guidance in compatible plant reproduction

  • Pollen formation and microspore separation
  • Pollen-stigma adhesion and pollen tube guidance
  • Adhesion and guidance of pollen tubes in the style
  • Cell wall modifying proteins and pollen tube growth in the ECM
  • Pollen tube adhesion, interaction and guidance in the ovary

5. Cell separation in roots

  • Cell wall solubilization by microbial enzymes
  • Cell wall stabilization in plants
  • Other mechanisms of cap turnover
  • Cortical cell sloughing and lateral root emergence
  • Aerenchyma

6. Organ abscission

  • Setting the stage: patterning and differentiation
  • Communication involved in cell separation
  • Dissolution of the cell wall - cell separation

7. Dehiscence

  • Shatter resistance
  • Morphogenesis and anatomy of the dehiscence zone
  • Cell wall dissolution and its hormonal regulation
  • Factors regulating Arabidopsis fruit development
  • Genetic interactions during Arabidopsis fruit development
  • Anther dehiscence
  • Prospects for engineering shatter resistance
  • Development of model-to-crop approaches

8. Fruit ripening

  • Fruits
  • Regulation of ripening
  • Cell wall metabolism during fruit ripening
  • Cell wall modifying enzymes
  • Colorless non-ripening mutant: a model to study fruit ripening cell wall modification

9. The role of polymer cross-linking in intercellular adhesion

  • The location of intercellular cross-links within the wall
  • The nature of intercellular polymers and their cross-linkss


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Plant Cell Separation and Adhesion
edited by Jeremy A. Roberts
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