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Plant Growth and Climate Change
by James I.L. Morison

Plant Growth and Climate Change grows daily of the changing climate and its impact on plants and animals.

Plant Growth and Climate Change examines:

  • the major aspects of how anthropogenic climate change affects plants
  • focusing on several key determinants of plant growth
  • atmospheric CO2
  • temperature
  • water availability
  • the interactions between these factors


1. Recent and Future Climate Change and Their Implications for Plant Growth

  • The Climate System
  • Mechanisms of Anthropogenic Climate Change
  • Recent Climate Change
  • Future Changes in Anthropogenic Forcing of Climate

2. Plant Responses to Rising Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

  • Gene Expression and Carbon Dioxide
  • Cellular Processes: Photosynthetic Carbon Oxidation and Carbon Dioxide
  • Single Leaf Response to CO2
  • Whole Plant Responses to Rising CO2
  • Plant-to-Plant Interactions
  • Plant Communities and Ecosystem Responses to CO2
  • Global and Evolutionary Scales

3. Significance of Temperature in Plant Life

  • Two Paradoxes
  • Baseline Responses of Plant Metabolism to Temperature
  • Thermal Acclimation of Metabolism
  • Growth Response to Temperature
  • Temperature Extremes and Temperature Thresholds
  • The Temperatures Experienced by Plants
  • Temperature and Plant Development
  • The Challenge of Testing Plant Responses to Temperature

4. Temperature and Plant Development: Phenology and Seasonality

  • The Origins of Phenology
  • Recent Changes in Phenology
  • Attribution of Temporal Changes
  • Evidence for Continuous Phenological Measures
  • Possible Consequences

5. Responses of Plant Growth and Functioning to Changes in Water Supply in a Changing Climate

  • Growth of Plants in Drying Soil
  • Water Relations of Plants in Drying Soil
  • Water Relation Targets for Plant Improvement in Water Scarce Environments
  • Control of Stomata, Water Use and Growth of Plants in Drying Soil: Hydraulic and Chemical Signalling

6. Water Availability and Productivity

  • Water Deficits and Primary Productivity
  • Variability in Water Resources and Plant Productivity
  • Plant Communities Facing Drought
  • Droughts and Wildfires
  • Agricultural and Forestry Perspectives

7. Effects of Temperature and Precipitation Changes on Plant Communities

  • Methodology
  • Mechanisms of Change in Plant Communities
  • Is Community Change Already Happening?

8. Issues in Modelling Plant Ecosystem Responses to Elevated CO: Interactions With Soil Nitrogen

  • Representing Nitrogen Cycling in Ecosystem Models
  • How Uncertain Assumptions Affect Model Predictions
  • Model-Data Fusion Techniques

9. Predicting the Effect of Climate Change on Global Plant Productivity and the Carbon Cycle

  • Definitions and Conceptual Framework
  • Empirical Basis of our Knowledge of Carbon Fluxes
  • Dependencies of Fluxes on CO2 Light and Nitrogen Supply


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Plant Growth and Climate Change
by James I.L. Morison
2006 213 pages $211.00 + shipping
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