Plant Proteomics Book from C.H.I.P.S.

Plant Proteomics
edited by Christine Finnie

Plant Proteomics highlights the ways in which proteome analysis has been used to probe the complexities of plant biochemistry and physiology.

This book is aimed at researchers in plant biochemistry, genomics, transcriptomics and metabolomics who wish to gain an up-to-date insight into plant proteomes, the information plant proteomics can yield and the directions plant proteome research is taking.


1. Plant Proteomics: Challenges and Resources

  • Sample extraction
  • Sample preparation and arraying
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Analysis depth
  • Data analysis
  • Quantitation
  • Modification
  • Data
  • Proteomic databases
  • Online proteomic tools and resources

2. Proteomic Analysis of Post-translational Modifications by mass spectrometry

  • Considerations for the experimental design of PTM analysis by proteomics
  • Analysis of PTMs by proteomic approaches

3. Strategies for the investigation of protein-protein interactions in plants

  • Biochemical procedures to characterize protein-protein interactions
  • Genetic procedures to characterize protein-protein interactions
  • Cytological procedures to characterize protein-protein interactions

4. Proteomics of disulphide and cysteine oxidoreduction

  • Control of cellular redox status
  • Proteomics techniques for analysis of cysteine modifications

5. Structural Proteomics

  • Project data handling: sesame
  • ORF cloning
  • E. coli cell-based protein production pipeline
  • Wheat germ cell-free protein prodution
  • Mass spectrometry of purified proteins for quality assurance and analysis
  • Crystallomics and X-ray structure determination
  • NMR screening and structure determination
  • Illustrative structures and functional implications

6. Cereal Proteomics

  • Comprehensive analysis and cataloguing of cereal proteins
  • Functional analysis of cereal using differential proteomics

7. Proteome analysis for the study of developmental processes in plants

  • Examples of proteome analyses of plant development

8. Surveying the Plant Cell Wall Proteome, or Secretome

  • The multifunctional cell wall
  • Technical and conceptual challenges in defining the cell wall proteome, or secretome
  • Approaches for plant cell wall protein extraction and identification
  • Computational prediction of the plant secretome
  • Functional screens for extracellular proteins
  • Contamination and validation of the cell wall proteome

9. Proteomics of plant mitochondria

  • Mitochondria as attractive targets for subcellular proteomics
  • Methods and approaches briefly for identification of proteins
  • Mitochondrial proteins identified
  • Stress-responsive proteins and redox regulation
  • Protein phosphorylation and signal transduction


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Plant Proteomics
edited by Christine Finnie
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