Polymer Science References from C.H.I.P.S.

Polymer Blends
2 Volume Set

edited by D.R. Paul
and C.B. Bucknall

The authoritative resource on polymer blends for the twenty-first century!


  • Contributions from the world's leading experts provide the most authoritative and objective examination of the past twenty years of progress in the field
  • Careful editing ensures a smooth and logical transition from topic to topic
  • Comprehensive coverage provide enough background to enable even a beginner to begin work in the field
  • In-depth coverage presents the most important issues in the field culled from critical sifting through current literature
  • Clear, concise entries and carefully selected graphics emphasize important basic principles and conceptual points to aid in understanding
  • Bibliographies at the end of each chapter identify the most up-to-date and significant literature on each topic to facilitate further research.

The most definitive and up-date reference available on the subject, the two-volume set explores and summarizes the recent progress made in polymer blend technology through the use of carefully selected contributions from today's foremost authorities from around the world.

Volume 1 is devoted to the formulation of polymer blends. Coverage includes:

  • The basic thermodynamics of polymer-polymer mixtures
  • Characterization of blends by a variety of techniques
  • Structure formation, particularly of multiphase blends

Volume 2 is devoted to the performance of polymer blends. Coverage includes:

  • Mechanical properties and fracture resistance
  • The performance of rubber-toughened polymers, including fatigue bahavior
  • Blending for specific performance characteristics
  • Reinforced polymer blends.

Stemming from over two decades of growth within the field, each chapter offers a unique combination of expertise and point of view designed to guide professionals working in the field into the twenty-first century.


  1. Thermodynamics
    • Statistical Thermo-Dynamics of Polymer Solutions and Blends
    • Polymer-Polymer Interactions Based on Mean Field Approximations
    • Hydrogen Bonding Systems
    • Polymer Blends as Viewed Byanalog Calorimetry
    • Crystalline Polymer Blends
    • Fundamentals of Blends of Rigid Chain (Liquid Crystal) Polymers
    • Thermodynamics of Polyolefin Blends

  2. Characterization
    • Morphology Characterization by Microscopy Techniques
    • Viscoelastic Characterization of Polymer Blends
    • Optical Characterization: Light Scattering, Birefringence, and Ellipsometry
    • Neutron Scattering and Polymer Blends

  3. Structure Formation
    • Formulation and Characterization of Thermoset/Thermoplastic Blends
    • Chemical Reactions in Blends Based on Condensation Polymers: Transreactions, Molecular and Morphological Characterization
    • Morphology and Properties of Blends Containing Block Copolymers
    • Factors Influencing the Morphology in Immiscible Polymer Blends in Melt Processing
    • Reactive Compatibilization
    • Processing Aids

  4. Mechanical Properties and Fracture Resistance
    • Quasi-Elastic Mechanical Properties
    • Application of Fracture Mechanics for Characterization of Toughness of Polymer Blends
    • Characterizing Toughness Using Standard Empirical Tests
    • Deformation Mechanisms in Rubber-Toughened Polymers
    • Strengthening Polymer-Polymer Interfaces
    • Core-Shell Impact Modifiers
    • Toughening of Semi-Crystalline Thermoplastics
    • Toughening of Epoxies
    • Fatigue Crack Propagation in Polymer Blends

  5. Blending for Specific Performance
    • Transmission and Reflection of Light in Multiphase Media
    • Thermo-Mechanical Performance of Polymer Blends
    • Barrier Materials by Blending

  6. Reinforced Blends
    • Reinforced Polymer Blends
    • Liquid Crystalline Polymer Blends
    • Microfibrillar Reinforced Composites From Polymer Blends

  7. Elastomeric Blends
    • Elastomer Blends
    • Thermoplastic Vulcanizates

  8. Recycling
    • Recycling of Polymer Blends and Mixture


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Polymer Blends 2 Volume Set
edited by D.R. Paul and C.B. Bucknall
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