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Polymer Brushes:
Synthesis, Characterization, Applications
edited by
Rigoberto C. Advincula et al

Materials scientists, polymer chemists, surface physicists and materials engineers will find this book a complete and detailed treatise on the field of polymer brushes, their synthesis, characterization and manifold applications.

In a first section, the various synthetic pathways and different surface materials are introduced and explained, followed by a second section covering important aspects of characterization and analysis in both flat surfaces and particles. These specific surface initiated polymerization (SIP) systems such as linear polymers, homopolymers, block copolymers, and hyperbranched polymers are unique compared to previously reported systems by chemisorption or physisorption.

They have found their way in both large-scale and miniature applications of polymer brushes, which is covered in the last section. Such 'hairy' surfaces offer fascinating opportunities for addressing numerous problems of both academic and, in particular, industrial interest: high-quality, functional or protective coatings, composite materials, surface engineered particles, metal-organic interfaces, biological applications, micro-patterning, colloids, nanoparticles, functional devices, and many more.

Polymer Brushes: Synthesis, Characterization, Applications will be of benefit to readers who want to "brush-up on polymers".


    Polymer Brushes: On the Way to Tailor-Made Surfaces

  1. Synthesis
    1. Recent Advances in Polymer Brush Synthesis
    2. Polymer Brushes by Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization
    3. Polymer Brushes by Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization Initiated from Macroinitiator Synthesized on the Surface
    4. Synthesis of Polypeptide Brushes
    5. Bottle Brush Brushes: Ring-Opening Polymerization of Lactide from Poly(hydroxyethyl methacrylate) Surfaces
    6. Preparation of Well-Defined Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Nanostructure using Living Cationic Surface-Initiated Polymerization from Silica Nanoparticles
    7. Photoinitiated Polymerization from Self-Assembled Monolayers
    8. Recent Advances in the Synthesis and Rearrangement of Block Copolymer Brushes
    9. Surface-Grafted Hyperbranched Polymers

  2. Characterization
    1. The Analysis and Characterization of Polymer Brushes: From Flat Surfaces to Nanoparticles
    2. Characterization of Polymer Brushes on Nanoparticle Surfaces
    3. Spherical Polyelectrolyte Brushes
    4. Weak Polyelectrolyte Brushes: Complex Formation and Multilayer Build-up with Oppositely Charged Polyelectrolytes
    5. Structure and Properties of High-Density Polymer Brushes
    6. Behavior of Surface-Anchored Poly(acrylic acid) Brushes with Grafting Density Gradients on Solid Substrates
    7. Kinetics of Polymer Brush Formation with and without Segmental Adsorption

  3. Applications
    1. Applications of Polymer Brushes and Other Surface-Attached Polymers
    2. Polymer Brushes: Towards Applications
    3. Polymerization, Nanopatterning and Characterization of Surface-Confined, Stimulus-Responsive Polymer Brushes
    4. Mixed Polymer Brushes: Switching of Surface Behavior and Chemical Patterning at the Nanoscale
    5. Local Chain Organization of Switchable Binary Polymer Brushes in Selective Solvents
    6. Motion of Nano-Objects Induced by a Switchable Polymer Carpet
    7. Photochemical Strategies for the Preparation and Microstructuring of Densely Grafted Polymer Brushes on Planar Surfaces


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Polymer Brushes:
Synthesis, Characterization, Applications

edited by Rigoberto C. Advincula et al
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