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Polymer Handbook
4th Edition 2 Volume Set
edited by J. Brandrup et al

The Polymer Handbook, first published in 1998, is now available in a completely revised and expanded Fourth Edition as a 2-Volume Set.

This one-stop reference brings together all the data and constants needed in theoretical and experimental polymer research. It contains 520 tables that are divided into eight sections.

The first part lists the IUPAC nomenclature rules for polymers and the International System of Units. Section II contains data and constants needed for polymer synthesis, kinetic mechanisms, and thermodynamic studies of polymerization and depolymerization reactions. Sections III and IV contain physical constants of monomers, solvents, and oligomers. Section V lists the physical constants of many important commerical polymers. Section VI and VII cover the solid state properties of polymers and the properties of polymer solutions. Finally, the last section lists the commonly used abbreviations or acronyms for polymers and Chemical Abstract Registry Numbers, and gives suggestions for electronic data searching for polymer information.

This new Fourth Edition will be useful resource to all those in the polymer research community.


  1. Nomenclature Rules—Units
    • Nomenclature
    • Units

  2. Polymerization and Depolymerization
    • Decomposition Rates of Organic Free Radical Initiators
    • Propagation and Termination Constants in Free Radical Polymerization
    • Transfer Constants to Monomers, Polymers, Catalysts and Initiators, Solvents and Additives, and Sulfur Compounds in Free Radical Polymerization
    • Photopolymerization Reactions
    • Free Radical Copolymerization Reactivity Ratios
    • Q and e Values for Free Radical Copolymerizations of Vinyl Monomers and Telogens
    • Patterns of Reactivity (U,V) Parameters for the Prediction of Monomer Reactivity Ratios and Transfer Constants in Radical Polymerization
    • Copolymerization Parameters of Metallocene-Catalyzed Copolymerizations
    • Rates of Polymerization and Depolymerization, Average Molecular Weights, and Molecular Weight Distribution of Polymers
    • Heats and Entropies of Polymerization, Ceiling Temperatures, Equilibrium Monomer Concentrations, and Polymerizability of Heterocyclic Compounds
    • Activation Energies of Propagation and Termination in Free Radical Polymerization
    • Activation Volumes of Polymerization Reactions
    • Activation Enthalpies and Entropies of Stereocontrol in Free Radical Polymerizatins
    • Products of Thermal Degradation of Polymers
    • Radiation Chemical Yields: G Values

  3. Physical Properties of Monomers and Solvents
    • Physical Properties of Monomers
    • Isorefractive and Isopycnic Solvent Pairs
    • Refractive Indices of Common Solvents
    • Physical Constants of the Most Common Solvents for Polymers

  4. Physical Data of Oligomers
    • Physical Data of Oligomers

  5. Physical Constants of Some Important Polymers
    • Physical Constants of Rubbery Polymers
    • Physical Constants of Poly(ethylene)
    • Physical Constants of Poly(propylene)
    • Physical Constants of Fluoropolymers
    • Physical Constants of Poly(acrylonitrile)
    • Physical Constants of Poly(vinyl chloride)
    • Physical Constants of Poly(vinyl acetate)
    • Physical Constants of Poly(methyl methacrylate)
    • Physical Constants of Poly(styrene)
    • Physical Constants of Poly(oxymethylene)
    • Physical Constants of Poly(oxyethylene-oxyterephthaloyl), (Poly(ethylene terephthalate))
    • Physical Constants of Poly(oxytetramethylene-oxyterephthaloyl) and Copolymers with Tetramethylene Oxide Thermoplastic Elastomers
    • Physical Constants of Various Polymides: Poly[imino(1-oxohexamethylene)], (Polyamide 6) Poly(iminoadipoyl-iminohexamethylene-iminosebacoyl), (Polyamide 610), Poly[imino(1-oxododecamethylene)], Poly(amide 12)
    • Physical Constants of Cellulose
    • Physical and Mechanical Properties of Some Important Polymers

  6. Solid State Properties
    • Crystallographic Data and Melting Points for Various Polymers
    • Glass Transition Temperatures of Polymers
    • Rates of Crystallization of Polymers
    • Isomorphous Polymer Pairs
    • Miscible Polymers
    • Heat Capacities of High Polymers
    • Surface and Interfacial Tensions of Polymers, Oligomers, Plasticizers, and Organic Pigments
    • Permeability and Diffusion Data
    • Refractive Indices of Polymers
    • Radiation Resistance of Plastics and Elastomers
    • PVT Relationships and Equations of State of Polymers

  7. Solution Properties
    • Viscosity - Molecular Weight Relationships and Unperturbed Dimensions of Linear Chain Molecules
    • Sedimentation Coefficients, Diffusion Coefficients, Partial Specific Volumes, Frictional Ratios, and Second Virial Coefficients of Polymers in Solution
    • Polymolecularity Correction Factors
    • Polymer-Solvent Interaction Parameters
    • Concentration Dependence of the Viscosity of Dilute Polymer Solutions: Huggins and Schulz-Blaschke Constants
    • Theta-Solvents
    • Fractionation of Polymers
    • Solvents and NonSolvents for Polymers
    • Specific Refractive Index Increments of Polymers in Dilute Solution
    • Particle Scattering Factors in Rayleigh Scattering
    • Dipole Moments of Polymers in Solution
    • Heat, Entropy and Volume Changes for Polymer-Liquid Mixtures
    • Heats of Solution of Some Common Polymers
    • Solubility Parameter Values
    • Optically Active Polymers
    • Anisotropy of Segments and Monomer Units of Polymer Molecules
    • Gelation Properties of Polymer Solutions

  8. Abbreviations of Polymer Names and Chemical Abstract Numbers
    • Abbreviations for Thermoplastics, Thermosets, Fibers, Elastomers and Additives
    • Chemical Abstract Registry Numbers and Online Database Searching for Polymer Literature


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Polymer Handbook
4th Edition 2 Volume Set

edited by J. Brandrup et al
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