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Potato in Progress
Science Meets Practice
edited by A.J. Haverkort

This book contains the proceedings of the Potato 2005 congress, held in Emmeloord, The Netherlands, which created an environment for scientists to learn what drives the industry in the rapidly changing world of the potato.

Potato in Progress shows the rapid developments both in the industry and in science, and covers:

  • the nutritional aspects of the potato tuber
  • the volatile consumer moods in saturated or new markets
  • latest developments in potato breeding and seed potato production
  • describes the present and future role of decision support systems in managing inputs of nitrogen and water and in managing pests
  • innovations in technology development in potato production and storage are illustrated
  • the latest news on crop protection, with a focus on developments in the control of the potato brown rot bacterium and late blight
  • future trends


Health and consumer behaviour

  • Nutritionally relevant aspects of potatoes and potato constituents
  • The potential of potatoes for attractive convenience food: focus on product quality and nutritional value
  • Adding value to potatoes by processing for the benefit of the consumer
  • Potato: a dull meal component?!
  • Understanding consumer behaviour is not optional: do we change it or does it change us?

Breeding and seed production

  • Genomic resources in potato and possibilities for exploitation
  • Breeding for quality improvement: market fitness and nutritional quality
  • Breeding and diagnostic developments for better storage of potatoes to meet
  • future industry needs
  • Seed potato systems in Latin America
  • Technology driving change in the seed potato industry
  • Managing Intellectual Property portfolios in potato

Decision support systems

  • Present role and future potential of decision support systems in managing resources in potato production
  • Calibration of a crop growth simulation model to study irrigation scheduling effects on potato yield
  • Setting out the parameters of IRRINOV®, a method for irrigation scheduling
  • Presentation of a Decision-Support System (DSS) for nitrogen management in potato production to improve the use of resources
  • NemaDecide: a decision support system for the management of potato cyst nematodes

Production and storage

  • Technology developments in potato yield and quality management
  • Comparing the effects of chemical haulm desiccation and natural haulm senescence in potato by the use of two different skin set methods
  • Volunteer potatoes
  • Present state and future prospects of potato storage technology
  • Comparison of different transport and store-filling methods

Crop protection

  • Integrated management of potato tuber moth in field and storage
  • Purple top disease and beet leafhopper transmitted virescence agent (BLTVA) phytoplasma in potatoes of the Pacific Northwest of the United States
  • Survival and disease suppression of potato brown rot in organically and conventionally managed soils
  • Survival of Ralstonia solanacearum biovar 2 in canal water in Egypt
  • Survival of the potato brown rot bacterium (Ralstonia solanacearum biovar 2) in Egyptian soils
  • The influence of Solanum sisymbriifolium on potato cysts nematode population reduction

Late blight

  • Late blight: the perspective from the pathogen
  • Breeding for foliage late blight resistance in the genomics era
  • Control of Phytophthora infestans in potato
  • Primary outbreaks of late blight and effect on the control strategy
  • The Netherlands Umbrella Plan Phytophthora in (inter)national perspective
  • Eucablight: a late blight network for Europe
  • Potato blight populations in Ireland and beyond
  • Late blight resistance in Sárpo clones: an update
  • Infinito®: a novel fungicide for long-lasting control of late blight in potato
  • The role of spray technology to control late blight in potato


  • General trends in the European potato trade
  • Serving the potato market: Danespo-Denmark view
  • Production of potato and seed potato in Russia
  • Production and marketing of potato in the process of full membership of Turkey to the European Union


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Potato in Progress
Science Meets Practice
edited by A.J. Haverkort

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