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Potato Developments in a Changing Europe
edited by Norbert U. Haase

Potato Developments in a Changing Europe show how each potato industry in transition deals with the socio-economic and environmental situation in varying degrees of development to adapt to a changing Europe.


  • Challenges and opportunities of tomorrow’s agricultural world
  • The product and the association in transition – the mission of UNIKA

Modern breeding practices

  • Overview of biotechnological breeding possibilities
  • Modern methods for modern potato breeding programmes
  • Stacking of resistance genes in potato by cisgenesis instead of introgression breeding

Sustainable and organic production

  • Potatoes and the environment: An overview
  • Sustainable agriculture and food chain: Status quo and perspectives for the potato food chain
  • French quality and environmental schemes: Meeting customer requirementsthe potato sector’s approach
  • Agronomic strategies for the organic cultivation of potatoes for processing into high quality French fries and potato crisps
  • Precision farming: Opportunities and limitations in potato farming

Crop protection and fertilisation

  • Relevant diseases in potato production
  • Early blight: Effect of different parameters on the disease development
  • Effect of different forms and additional potassium fertilisation on yield and industrial quality of potatoes
  • Calcium in potato growing

Product quality and certification

  • Potato quality: Getting the basics right
  • Certification of ware potatoes and potatoes used for industrial processing in Poland
  • Quality improvement and market development of ware and seed potato in Russia

Trade of seed and ware potatoes

  • Reproduction right of seed potatoes in Russia
  • Risk Management: How to combine forwards with futures

Consumer behaviour and marketing

  • How to think like consumers... and win!
  • McDonald’s Agricultural Assurance Programme
  • Potato developments in a changing Europe
  • Creating success in central and eastern Europe: Rocket science not needed!

Issues of the potato industry per country

  • Potato sector in Poland: From breeding to production
  • Current trends in the Hungarian potato production
  • The Czech potato crop in the European Union
  • Actual state and future trends of the Romanian potato industry
  • Potato in Estonia: Production and research
  • General information on the potato production, trade and perspectives of potato market development in Russia
  • Changes on the German potato market


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Potato Developments in a Changing Europe
edited by Norbert U. Haase
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