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Potato Health Management
Second edition
edited by Dennis A. Johnson

Potato Health Management is well illustrated with drawings, schemes and especially with color photographs. It contains an impressive amount of detailed information and suggestions for the management of potato health throughout all states of potato production for different purposes.

Pest and pathogen populations have changed since the first edition was printed and a significant amount of new research knowledge has been gained. Potato Health Management, 2nd edition addresses those changes and contains up-to-date information recently acquired to help you economically manage potato health.

This manual tackles the hundreds of problems that affect this important crop including weeds, insects, nematodes, fungi, bacteria, phytoplasmas, and viruses. The new edition is 30% larger than the first and contains more color photographs, which are now interspersed throughout the text. It includes timely new chapters on economics, home gardening, and organic production.

Potato Health Management explains how to manage potato health from seed to storage by a holistic approach. It provides the most current information on potato production practices, with an emphasis on pest and disease management.

Cutting edge discussions and details on soil health, managing tubers during harvest and in storage, organic potato production, pesticide resistance management, pesticide application, management of diseases, insects and weeds affecting potato will enlighten commercial potato growers, field consultants and farm advisors, extension specialists, agriculture students, researchers and agribusiness professionals in all aspects of the potato industry.


  1. Potato Health Management: A Holistic Approach
  2. Checklist for a Holistic Potato Health Management Plan
  3. Soil Health: Managing the Soil Microflora to Enhance Potato Health
  4. Economics of Potato Plant Health
  5. Selecting and Preparing the Planting Site
  6. Quality Seed: Seed Improvement, Cultivar and Seed Lot Selection, and Certification
  7. Seed Tuber Health Before and During Planting
  8. Managing Potato Fertility
  9. Potato Health from Sprouting to Harvest
  10. Maintaining Tuber Health During Harvest, Storage, and Post-Storage Handling
  11. Organic Potato Production
  12. Managing Potatoes in the Home Garden
  13. Applying Pesticides
  14. Managing Pesticide Resistance
  15. Managing Insect and Mite Pests
  16. Managing Aphids and Leafhoppers
  17. Managing Diseases Caused by Viruses, Viroids, and Phytoplasmas
  18. Managing Soft Rot and Ring Rot
  19. Managing Diseases Caused by Seedborne and Soilborne Fungi and Fungus-Like Pathogens
  20. Managing Diseases Caused by Nematodes
  21. Managing Foliar Diseases: Early Blight, Late Blight, and White Mold
  22. Managing Weeds
  23. Managing Physiological Disorders


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Potato Health Management
Second edition
edited by Dennis A. Johnson

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